• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

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31 thoughts on “Putin Is Cornered: Elite Ukrainian Soldiers Stopped the Russian Army!”
  1. good luck, glory for edelweiss 😀 😀 ,nobody knows what happening there exactly and you dare to claim anyway…the right side is to have your own judgment and that means neither side at this moment

  2. good. now that ukraine has been winning for several weeks and months, there can be peace. ukraine should accept China's proposed peace deal. afterall ukraine has won and peace will preserve ukrainian gains

  3. Government by minority is bullying either in Russia or the United States. Any high school teacher can tell you it is the stated objective of all gang activity. Crips, Putin, Al Qaeda, KKK, Trump, Castro, Hitler, Stalin, the Inquisition, Manifest Destiny, Apartheid, it’s all the same thing. Force your will on others. The tools are always the same: Murder, extortion, slavery, blackmail, rape, torture. They all have flags and liars galore…even tv networks. You got to know evil when you see it. For those who have trouble telling who is a perp, they must know they have become part of the problem themselves. Pretty much if you care about everyone’s welfare you’re part of the solution….Only some people’s welfare, you’re a bully.

  4. Putin and his Police, and All his Cronies, and All his Oligarchs friends, and Family should go out into the Front Lines, and fFght to protect all their Riches, and High life styles.

  5. There are no elite troops left in the Ukrainian army. They have to kidnap people off the streets and send them to the front. You folks here are deluded or just part of the propaganda. US corporations own most of western Ukraine now. What and who are they really fighting for now? Puppets for the USA, it's said really.

  6. Putin has moved S400 air defense systems which Ukraine has now figured out how to destroy, to his Golden Dacha he has. THAT will be the first thing of value to him personally that gets destroyed and may actually cause a serious and complete nervous breakdown. That threat will then move fast into the Kremlin itself. He may not even have time to move fast enough to avoid being hit. There is very little left of the Russian military infrastructure left, and by summer it may be ALL GONE! Russia will not have enough security or military left to protect him and Moscow might fall, ending the Russian Federation for good. This to me is starting to look inevitable. Putin can't run because as soon as he's out of Russian territory, he gets arrested for war crimes. So he's done for! It's only a matter of time now!

  7. Long live Ukraine! They are defending their homeland. All democratic countries must stand with them in the face of tyranny/dictatorship, So tyranny does not spread like a virus. Putin is a coward! He commands his men to kill innocent civilians: men, women, children, the elderly. To hell with putin!

  8. Ukraine don't give up. We are all praying for you to have strength to keep fighting for your freedom. Down with Putin. This world does not want or accept such garbage. Keep on keeping on. Thank you Anka for the truth.

  9. Pride before the fall Putins' ego will drain the Russian people of all dignity. A revolt is underway. The CCP will deplete their resources and become weak with this oppression madness.
    What they fear the most is loss of, control of the people, they are suppose to serve. Power to Ukraine!

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