• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Russia Ukraine War Live : Military technology innovation enables Russia’s way of war and informs new concepts of operation and …


3 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War Live Update : Here Are Russia's Top 'Super-Weapons' In 2023 | World News”
  1. So, Putrid launches super weapons against who? A single digit murder
    Of civilians?
    This has failed to break Ukraine.
    Russian morale. Is bad enough.
    They are expected to March into Keiv with shovels with no women left to rape and refrigerators to steal.

  2. Russia needs more terrorist weapons to attack their neighbors and spread their invasion of foreign countries, as well as to sell to their 100% Putin-press owned citizenry. The Motherland argument will not work if the Foreign country they invade fights back and defeats them so badly that the biggest tank force on earth is completely obliterated, forcing the invading terrorist to actually go back home to their real Motherland.

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