• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

'Truth Is On Our Side': Ukrainian Artillery Unit Targets Russian Forces

A Ukrainian artillery unit fired at Russian forces north and northwest of the capital, Kyiv, on March 6. Speaking with RFE/RL …


46 thoughts on “'Truth Is On Our Side': Ukrainian Artillery Unit Targets Russian Forces”
  1. There should have been a comprehensive strategic planning to increase security capabilities of Ukraine Moldova Georgia immediately after Crimea annexation in February 2014….this must have been done

  2. There is no doubt— God is on the side of the Ukrainian people in this terrible war. When God is on your side, you cannot lose, no matter how strong the enemy.

  3. God,

    We need You—we always have.

    You are our source of strength, and You tell us to give You all our concerns.

    Bring protection and healing to the people of Ukraine. Show them that You are with them, and that You hear their prayers.

    Please strengthen anyone who is feeling hurt, alone, or broken. Replace any feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty with Your peace and hope.

    Draw near to us as we draw near to You.

    In Jesus’ name,


  4. thuth that they have nazis or what? or how they were killing people in donetsk for 8 years? its all documented and video captured by independent media for all those 8 years, interviews and everything, so what truth? truth that you've never showed anything from donetsk side?

  5. Or You are missing, or counterbattery still didnt found You….those few branches will not help. Maybe will even burn faster….You need to change Your postion fast! And stop this stupid war, between same people…

  6. Haha the truth is on your side fucking hilarious the truth like the video footage made on a computer game or the footage of the snake island soldiers being killed then came back to life and Surrendered to the Russians

  7. The list of countries invaded and/or bombed by the US in the last 30 years includes Panama, Iraq, Kuwait, Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Syria.

  8. Respect to Russia for defending its nation against Western imperialism. Respect to Russia for defending the ethnic Russians who suffer from genocide by the Western-backed Ukrainian regime. No respect to Ukrainian and Nato regimes for funding, arming, and training the Azov Nazis. No respect to Ukrainian and Nato regimes for using Azov Nazis to persecute other minorities like the Romani, the LGBT, and even to other Ukrainians who reject the Western-backed Ukrainian regime.

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