• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian gunners wipe out two Russian Howitzers in HUGE explosion. The video begins by showing what appear to …


19 thoughts on “Ukrainian gunners wipe out two Russian Howitzers in HUGE explosion”
  1. Russia is using grain as a hostage to blackmail the world to stop the Ukraine war. It is a waste of time to negotiate with the the Russian leadership since they will break any agreement as long as it gets what they want. Unfortunately US, NATO and EU will not be blackmailed to capitulate in Ukraine no matter how painful. To resolve this situation Russian needs to be completely defeated and driven back to their own borders. Ukraine must be accepted to NATO and EU to be the front line to defend Europe. as soon as possible. NATO should supply Ukraine fully and completely as if they are in NATO. Ukraine needs massive amounts of weapons to take offensive on multiple fronts to push the Russians back to their original border. This will take a lot of political will power but it must be done to ensure safety of future generations peaceful life. Food, energy and war is Russia's weapons of mass destruction. Putin is KGB and needs a good trouncing to get the point to never invade another country again.

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