• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023
18 thoughts on “"Wagner" members trying to cross river in Bakhmut were hit by artillery fire”
  1. This war did not need to happen. There are so many other solutions to the discord between Putin and the west. This is an attempt to expand Russian borders for no real reason except for the history books.

  2. Напоменает фильми зомби апокалипсис там где наступление зомби пытаються остановить но зомби все равно наступают. Это и есть россия. Zомби. Ваюют не зачем, погибают не зачем потому сто все Zомбировани

  3. Russia should save its soldiers by removing Putin from Power !

    What a catastrophe he has caused !

    1/2 man president

    Long live NATO

  4. Somewhere in Ukraine is a drone operator calling in artillery strikes on Wagner mercenaries saying/thinking “Be very very quiet I hunting Wagner’s” while listening to Die Walüre (The Valkyrie)

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