• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukraine says its firepower has received a boost with Polish howitzers amid an intense Russian assault in the east. Poland is …


38 thoughts on “Poland's 155 mm Krabs Are Latest Allied Howitzers Aiding Ukraine's Artillery Against Putin's Forces”
  1. I am from Poland and I have the impression that our allies from Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and many Western European countries do not want to help Ukraine and only clap when Poland helps, but remember there in the West that they will come for you and what will you do with with your money. Either we are fighting together with Russia or NATO does not make sense because we, Poles, do not trust the countries from the East, which only look at their interests. If the West does not work, the Poles will create their own alliances with the states of central Europe and you will start to contribute.

  2. Hunt down the Orc Russian artillery batteries, fire directional centers, ammunition and supply depots, logistical routes with ambushes. Disrupt their supplies or cut them off. Their armor and infantry can't take ground. Orc Russian armor and IFVs are targets and their infantry sucks in combat.

  3. Russia is a fascist country with fascist propaganda. Russia is lies, genocide and war crimes. Russia is an aggressor, a parasite attacking its neighbors.

  4. Great gun! truly! UAF needs far more than 100 but its a start. The 155 ammos factories that have been laying idle are almost at 100% across the west. This way they can get the old shells out and replace. Better for everyone, well cept a certain group of soldiers who I won't mention. War is so crazy. A 155 shells landing has a particular sounds. You can't miss it.

  5. so much money on war , why dont they spend all that money on peace,,, russia just wants to be safe like everyone else nato keeps growing why to take over the world ,, stop usa ,,, support russia to end the war,,, stop division and unite the people help all the people with all that war money,,, who wants to war if we all live in paridise,,,,,

  6. Theres nothing like levelling up the playing field, Russia look out! You're gunna get such a huge kick in the nuts, something your hoards of criminals have had comming for quite a while !

  7. Loy. It`s quite simple. In this world of ours as it is, history plainly shows that there are two states one can be. Resistant or compliant. Fence sitting is a myth when gorilla`s are on the prowl. So it comes down to which state a society prefers. War or slavery. Choose. And the patron saint of Europe, Leon Trotsky, revealed the truth about this long ago. I Quote " You may not be very interested in war – HOWEVER, war may be very interested in you ! ". Choose.

  8. Why Poland does not send regular troops? What is the difference between sending arms or acting on the battlefield. Together with Lithuania and the galizians they can win the war. And UK will come to support as they did 80 years ago.

  9. Can i Just Say Why the Small Numbers of Units being sent by The West Why the Small Numbers just Cant get my Head around it thought the West would send 60 to 80 units to Ukraine its a Disgrace.

  10. Por que España no envia armas pesadas?… gobierno español !!! Ucrania nos necesita!!!!…. so temeis por el sillon ya te lo quitaremos en 1,5 años. …. no es que los ucranianos no puedan pagar la luz, …. es que no tienen luz ni agua y los matan con bombas. Es gravisimo. Sanchez no mires a otro lado vas a hacer algo mas que enviar tiritas y cascos?

  11. im Polish and ive heard from our analysts that another large delivery of tanks to Ukraine is going to happen soon, the PT 91's, heavily modernized t-72 to 3rd gen tanks with many modern gadgets, about 300 of them 😉 fuck yeah! Sława Ukrainie!

  12. That's a lot of money and that's from the American tax paying people given to Ukraine. The US could give them homeless with real homes with 40B dollars. Something is wrong here

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