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Putin's Army bombards Ukrainian stronghold with 'Hyacinth' & 'Gvozdika' artillery | Watch

Russia mounts its artillery barrage on Ukraine in a bid to ‘liberate’ more territory. Putin’s army bombarded a Ukrainian fortified …


34 thoughts on “Putin's Army bombards Ukrainian stronghold with 'Hyacinth' & 'Gvozdika' artillery | Watch”
  1. I am albanian from Kosovo living for 23 years in Canada now after beeing deported with my family from my country in 1999 from Russias little brother Serbia who did the same crimes to the Slovenians, Croatians,Bosnians,Kosovo albanians and they had in the past and have even today very teense relations with Monte Negro, Macedonia,Bulgaria and other countries around because Russia always wanted to have one little Russia in that part of the Europe because of the geo-politics and acces to the warm waters of Mediteranian Sea. The war in Ukraine has the same strategic goals for the control of the Black Sea and Putin is using the same cruel and criminal methods( like Serbias war criminal Milosevic who died in ICC jail in Hague) to achieve those results but Putin will be sent to International Criminal court by his own people the same way like serbian people send Milosevic when western sanctions destroyed Serbian economy. Other factor that reminds me of Slovenian,Croatian,Bosnian and Kosovo albanian victories is the fact that NATO was in our side and helped us to beat Serbia and Russia and freedom fighters have always much more motivation to fight and protect their homeland than occupiing enemy .Slava to brave Kozaks-Slava Ukraini. Here in Canada I have lot of Ukrainan friends and neighbours who have posted blue-yellow flags on their homes and every time I pass by I feel warm around the heart. Тут, у Канаді, у мене є багато друзів та сусідів-українців, які вивісили на своїх будинках синьо-жовті прапори, і кожного разу, коли я проходжу повз, мені стає тепло на серці.

  2. အာဏာရှင် ဘဝ
    ဇာတ်သိမ်းမလှဘူး/ ကျန်သေးတယ်-တရုတ် တို့ – မြောက်ကိုးရီးယားတို့ "

  3. The children in Russia and Ukraine must escape their own mothers, fathers, elders, and teachers from the social process creates war. The political process, the mythic process, the religious process, and the socialist process, nurtured in the social process, bequeathed the war to the helpless children of Russia and Ukraine. War is not a necessity of the capitalist process. It is a necessity of the social process that divides the world and man.

  4. Luckily for Ukraine it seems aiming is not something which is taught in Russia – so though Russia is using many times more ammunition they are not having much impact.

  5. There is obviously a big shortage of Ukrainian men and one clue that helps prove this is at the top on the right side of the computer screen says "find single Ukrainian woman".

  6. 20-3-23 ! Thank You for Your Report – Yes – the Russian Army – Wagner keep Advancing Daily and the Ukrainian have NO Answer to it – if they do an "Offensive" they will be Decimated with Artillery and other Weapons – it will be another Bloodbath for NATO Puppet Zelenskyy – they have NO Ideas at all – sending the Young Ukrainians into the Russian Meat Grinders Time and Time again got them Nothing at all except 10's and 10's of Thousands of Dead Ukrainians !!!! Glory to Mother Russia – the Bear is Roaring and the Liberation of the Ukraine continues by Russia !!!!

  7. Memoirs of a Hiroshima Survivor:

    The following text is from my father's journal, who passed away two years ago.

    On August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb struck Hiroshima when I was just 14 years old and in my second year of junior high school. I used to commute by train from my uncle's house, where I had been evacuated due to the "building evacuation" policy, to Toyo Kogyo (now Mazda Motor Corporation) in the suburbs of Hiroshima City. During World War II, this policy was commonly practiced in Japan to prevent the spread of fires caused by air raids, leading to the demolition of empty houses in urban areas.

    Under military orders, our entire class was instructed to head toward a designated location in Hiratsuka-cho, which was 1.5 km away from the Industrial Promotion Center (Atomic Bomb Dome), Ground Zero. While we were walking there, an air raid alarm sounded, and we sought shelter in the underpass of Hiroshima Station. Eventually, the alarm was lifted, and we continued walking towards our destination. Suddenly, a blinding flash of light knocked me to the ground, and I felt as though I was engulfed in flames. I don't remember anything after that.

    When I regained consciousness, my clothes were burnt to tatters, and my face and hands were blistered and swollen to nearly twice their normal size. Many people were screaming and running away in various directions. Some had burns as severe as mine, others were covered in blood from shards of glass embedded in their bodies, and still, others had their hair burned off their heads, making it difficult to distinguish between men and women.

    Trying to make sense of what had just happened, I began to make my way back towards Hiroshima Station. On the way, I saw people trapped under houses, calling for help; others screaming because they couldn't escape from burning houses; and many more who were injured, including crying children, lying on the roadside. Finally, I managed to reach the hill behind the station and found a tree to rest beneath with other injured people who had nowhere else to go.

    Around 10 am, the sky suddenly grew dark, and heavy, muddy rain began to fall. Later, I learned that the mushroom cloud had sucked up fine dust on the ground and caused it to fall back down as a rain of radioactive particles. I had no shelter and was forced to cover my head with the Black Rain. After the rain stopped, my head and clothes were covered with muddy, contaminated water.

    Around noon, we were informed that a new type of bomb had been dropped, and the city of Hiroshima had been completely destroyed. In the evening, an elderly lady who had taken shelter under the same tree as me invited me to go with her to her house, 4 km away from her evacuation point. After taking several breaks on the way, I finally arrived at the old lady's house late in the evening, only to find myself unable to move anymore. Along the way, I saw a mountain of charred bodies, people lying dead on the shrine's pavement, and other gruesome scenes.

    Two days later, the kind old lady told me that we couldn't stay there indefinitely and that she would try to find another place for us to go. She asked for my uncle's address so that she could notify him of my whereabouts, and then she walked an astonishing 40 km to inform him of my situation. Upon receiving the news, my uncle hurried to fetch me with his cart. However, upon seeing my extraordinarily

    disfigured appearance, he even asked, "Are you really Taro?" When I replied that I was, he expressed genuine surprise but still took me back to his home. Finally, over three days after the bombing, I was able to return to my uncle's house. If it hadn't been for that old lady, I surely would have died.

    Meanwhile, my mother had been ordered by the neighborhood association (the 'Tonarigumi') to help with building evacuation near the Industrial Promotion Center. My father, who had also been drafted to work for Toyo Kogyo like me, immediately returned to the city center to look for my mother. However, being so close to Ground Zero, the situation was beyond horrifying.

    People were so severely burned that their skin swelled up and ballooned, resembling pigs. Their skin was peeled back and hanging limply. We had to wet towels and cover our noses just to breathe due to the overwhelming stench of death. In the midst of a pile of corpses where it was impossible to differentiate genders, the only way my father could identify my mother's body was by checking for the gold teeth in her mouth. My father returned to my uncle's house three days after the bombing and told us that he had spent three days searching through the pile of charred bodies, using a stick cutter to open each mouth in an attempt to find my mother's body, but all his efforts were in vain. Yet when he returned and saw me alive there, he burst into tears of joy.

    However, things soon became difficult. There were no doctors, medicines, or other treatments available. The supplies in my first aid kit included antiseptic, bandages, iodine tincture, cotton wool, Seirogan, and burn medicine. My burns had been left untreated for three days, causing the wounds to become infected. I had to drain the pus from the wounds and apply iodine tincture, causing excruciating pain as it reached the exposed nerves. On August 15th, I heard the Gyokuon-broadcast and learned that Japan had been defeated. At that time, we all believed we were going to die.

    A few days later, I went to a nearby primary school where I had heard that a doctor from another province was coming to treat the wounded. The school's auditorium, classrooms, and corridors overflowed with people suffering from severe burns and other grave injuries, their bodies infested with maggots. The summer heat brought flies that laid eggs in festering wounds. The area had a terrible stench, making it difficult to breathe properly and causing me to feel nauseous.

    Despite not receiving formal medical treatment, my wounds eventually healed over several years, thanks to the home treatments and natural remedies my father administered. Specifically, he fed me pumpkin, which has nutritional benefits that helped to heal my wounds.

    However, even though my wounds eventually healed, I developed keloids – excessive scars that can occur after a burn injury – that caused my face to look like a monster and made me too embarrassed to go out any longer. Furthermore, there was a shortage of food available at that time, and many people died one after another from malnutrition and illnesses related to the atomic bomb. Although I was fortunate not to suffer from any immediate or acute radiation sickness, the post-war years were marked by immense hardship and losses. I was robbed of my mother and had no access to food, medicine, or other resources. Despite the challenges, I managed to survive those years.

    As I reflect on that fateful day of August 6, 1945, I cannot help but wonder how the world came to possess such weapons of mass destruction. My hope is that we never forget the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and strive towards a future where nuclear weapons are never used again.

    Lastly, I would like to emphasize that the experiences of my father and countless other victims of the atomic bombings should never be used to justify the use of nuclear weapons or any other form of violence. War and violence only bring suffering and destruction. It is up to all of us to work towards peace and reconciliation and ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.


    What I find most problematic about the abolition of nuclear weapons is that the United States – the first country to use nuclear weapons – does not acknowledge their inhumanity and continues to promote education and public opinion that justifies using nuclear attacks on civilians in Japan. It is clear that the US government's appeal to other countries to abolish nuclear weapons may have a limited impact. The inhumanity of nuclear weapons was known even before their use. Those who, such as the scientists who developed nuclear weapons and the politicians who authorized their use, should be held fully accountable.

    From Japan.

  8. The United States of America and their allies in the so called nato are the bloody and hell problem on this planet. Matthew7:12 Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
    How dare are they while they on two occasions so far have told to the RUSSIANS not to have their military troops in Poland during the period of second decade of the eighteenth century the first time and in the sixties their balistic missiles in Cuba the second time?
    How such a wicked organisation could build factories of bacteriologic weapons in Ukraine a territory in the RUSSIANS neighborhood?
    Currently they are actively using another idiot black person as they did in the situation of their awful lies in Iraq. Mr Colin Powell was the one they used before killing millions of Iraqi people on the claims that weapons of mass killings were in that country.
    Mr Obama was in front line of the executives that assassinated the Libyan leader KADDAFI.
    Michael Potter an american citizen wrote a book titled ' KILL THEM BEFORE THEY GROW ' in which book He showed clearly that the Judge Clearance detained more black children in prisons than his predecessors of different colour at the supreme court of the United States of America.
    Jean Claude YOBO ZIAGBO

  9. Big shame on the civilized world and humanity!

    There is no question who is primarily responsible for unnecessary and disastrous proxy wars and destruction in today's civilized world. In reality, Ukraine, Russia, European countries, and third-world countries are the actual losers of this disastrous war, but not the perpetrators & beneficiaries of the disastrous war.

    So, instead of adding fuel to the fire by providing more destructive arms, civilized Europe and the West should be neutral and come forward to build a peaceful, civilized and dignified world.!

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