• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Trapped In The Trenches Of Ukraine

The New Yorker’s Luke Mogelson joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on embedding with a unit of international volunteers …


19 thoughts on “Trapped In The Trenches Of Ukraine”
  1. The volunteers are put up in the front right away. They’re put there first when they come. That’s what I’ve seen of volunteers interviewed.
    And no they weren’t ready for this type of warfare. They aren’t used to not having air support and heavy fire power

  2. This isn’t the United States war. I’m sick of our Country spending money on other countries. We’ve given the Ukraine 80 billion dollars. But for years ago 5 billion was to much for a wall to protect us.

  3. sadly, these videos created by American journalists, always centre on the reporters experiences, and not the Ukrainians OR the Ukrainian soldiers, and the egotistical aspect of these American reporters ruins what should have been a great video.

  4. Very well said by the volunteer soldier in ukraine, thats a real war between 2 legitimate armies. In real time war ul never know where the shells gonna hit

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