• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder has denied seeking conflict with Russia after a Su-27 plane clipped the propeller of an MQ-9 …


26 thoughts on “Ukraine War: 'We do not seek escalation with Russia' – Pentagon”
  1. It is safe to say that regarding the statehood of the Russian Federation, geopolitics, Kremlin activities, army matters, all this is very far from the truth, it's just pretending, it's the same that Vladimir Putin has a partner Alina Kabaeva, who has many sports medals, in including many zlotys, this is an important action on the subconscious, but we do not know whether Vladimir Putin is genuinely in a relationship with Alina Kabajewa (???) It can only be an action on the subconscious of the people, the great authorities of the world's visually largest sports champion (many gold medals). The whole activity of the president of the Russian Federation together with the Kremlin is just such a daily pretense for the propaganda of the people of an ordinary Russian. It's the same as the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan 1979 to 1989, in the period 1986 to 1989, the then president with the Kremlin, the army that took part in the fighting, they knew perfectly well that this war could not be won for sure, those several thousand killed Soviet soldiers died completely unnecessarily and the authorities in Moscow knew it perfectly well. The current situation is exactly the same as in the period 1979 to 1989, the Russians receive false information. Currently, we all know perfectly well from this war the Russian Federation with Ukraine, the Russian side will not win this war, but the propaganda subconsciousness of the people must know what they have already learned. It's as always another game of propaganda illusion, it's a pity that the Russian Federation kills its own completely unnecessarily (???) (A002)

  2. Russia is a Great Country, President Putin is Top most World Leader.. We respect Russia, Russian people and The GREAT President Putin… USA disturbing all over world for selling their weopens…Now the right time come for strict collective war action against USA in their own land

  3. We respect the tolerance of Russia, while more then 30 countries lead by USA fighting against Russia by using foolish Ukraine president land… Now strict collective war action needed against USA to save world from NW

  4. Zlxy distroyed his country with his ego with directions of USA … The other coutreies including EU to join Russian side to taste war calamities to USA to save their people and economy

  5. USA motive to disturb all over world by war ans selling weapons .. USA never suffer war calamities in their own land. Rest of world should take strict collective action against USA to save world from NW

  6. Note after the Russian pilots removed the Reaper surveillance drone the Ukrainian military lost targeting intelligence for Crimea. The missile and rocket attacks have stopped. If the Pentagon sends another drone into the region it will be brought down.

    Contrary to this corporate general's erroneous assessment, the Russian pilots gave 19 warnings to the drone operator to fly the drone out of that area. The warnings were refused and the Russians brought the drone down. The Russians are not escalating so the general here is being deceptive. The Russians acted highly professional by not shooting the drone down by first giving 19 warnings. The US military/Pentagon is provoking Russia at every opportunity and is now in a direct war with Russia the US and this corporate general deny.

    The drone has apparently been recovered so any sensitive intel the drone recorded is now in Russian military intelligence hands. To the Reaper drone operator: Better luck next time.

  7. English are the most corrupt people ARROGANCE that came originally from ENGLAND … EUROPE IS with the arrogant people EUROPE that also wanted to control the entire system

  8. US is behind the Ukraine war, they don't want to risk their own soldiers and civilians lives by a direct confrontation with Russia

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