• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukrainian Forces Eliminate Russian Troops Control Room & MSTA-S Howitzer in Region of Vuhledar


Apr 1, 2023

On Wednesday, Ukrainian special forces launched 16 drone attacks against Russian troops, with one attack targeting the …


17 thoughts on “Ukrainian Forces Eliminate Russian Troops Control Room & MSTA-S Howitzer in Region of Vuhledar”
  1. And yet ukraine has 10 times the casualties that russia has. But keep posting videos of Russians dying. Your brainwashed followers will be in for a bigger shock when Russia wins the war I’m sorry but if you actually support ukraine you’re just a fool who knows nothing of the history of this war. How can someone know about the CIA backed euro maidan, know that ukraine has killed 14,000 Russian civilians since 2014 and know about the Minsk accords and how NATO betrayed Russia and still moronicallyyy say “Slava ukraine” bunch of brainwashed moronss seriously. The ukraine army is full of nazis they even have an officsl nazi army unit (azov regiment) People need to grow up and realize they are just as brainwashed as they think people in North Korea are. If you only know how the west plunged Russia into severe poverty for decades because they destroyed the ussr (75% of people in the Soviet Union voted to keep the ussr) people don’t realize that NATO is evil they just want to keep their profits and secure pipelines. They want to destroy Russia this is not about the people of ukraine the self righteousness of people is really disgusting and nauseating

  2. MASS MURDER: The Real Numbers Out Of Ukraine Are Horrifying.

    President Putin: "We are not at war with the people of Ukraine, have already said this many times, they became hostages of the Kiev regime and its western masters, who actually occupied this country in the political, military, and economic sense."

    President Putin: "See what they do with their own peoples- the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, mockery of children, and pedophilia are declared the norm.
    The norm of their life."

    The civil war in Ukraine has raged for 8 years, at the cost of more than 14,000 lives. It began with a US-backed, 2014 coup that ousted Ukraine’s democratically elected government in Kiev. In its place came a regime chosen not by the Ukrainian people but by America.

    Russia is going to send 1 million troops into the Ukraine. If it doesn’t quickly achieve the objective they’re going to order the evacuation of Ukrainian cities and then they’re gonna drop a tactical nuke with the warning any country supporting The Ukraine is going to get hit with hypersonic missiles and tactical nukes if Ukraine doesn’t surrender in 48 hours they’re going to hit them with atomic bombs until they surrender. Biden said he is willing to lose 100, million Americans. Let’s see if he’s the man of his word or if he comes to his sensesQ

  3. The missile attack on the control building looks like a Stuhna hit. The anti-armor missile system designed and produced by the Ukrainians at a very low cost and very high effect. Marvelous. I have no way knowing what 'black ops' the US works with Ukraine, but a winning program would be to fly an entire weapons research and development lab into Ukraine so that the Ukrainians could work with the best possible equipment to make more weapons. Prototype today, test on Russians tomorrow, if excellent, send to the US and Europe for production in the thousands per month. Ukrainians fight for us, they deserve weapons to win.

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