• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Ukrainian paratroopers fire artillery at Russian positions

(11 Mar 2023) ASSOCIATED PRESS Near Bakmut – 10 March 2023 1. Ukrainian paratroopers of the 80 Air Assault brigade run …


9 thoughts on “Ukrainian paratroopers fire artillery at Russian positions”
  1. La faute de cette guerre c'est les USA et leur laquer l'OTAN , et vous le peuple de l'Ukraine vous donner votre sang vivement que sa s'arrête

  2. Stop giving fancy miliatry unit names to basic soliders. None of them jumped into combat they aren't Para troopers then the whole concept of the name is Para from parachute.. they didn't use one so they can't be a paratrooper. It's simple logic.

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