• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

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29 thoughts on “Ukrainian Special forces destroyed a Russian T-80 Tank”
  1. The world don't believe the ukranian news. Both sides have the Soviet weapons. Ukraine lies everytime saying that they will win the war, but it is not possible, there is no way to get the victory in this war. Surely they will have economic and humanity crisis.

  2. Well at least someone in the turret turned and elevated the gun so the driver could get out. Typical Russian soldier behavior would be just to save themselves.

  3. I have marshmallows that need roasting a T-80 burning down fire will work just fine! May all T-80s help good people everywhere to roast their marshmallows!!!

  4. Strange how Russia keeps going despite all these heavy losses and setbacks and poor morale. Btw, Russian shops are very well stocked, prices are low and petrol is about 64 pence per litre.

  5. I was raised by a wonderful Ukrainian step father who, I'm sure would have backed Zelensky – he died in 2002. That being said, massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia during WWII was a Ukrainian war crime (among many others) and,……what we must remember is that the region has, and had, many players in the political and military arena. In getting these people to stop killing each other, WE MUST LOOK INTO THE REALITY THAT ETHNIC CLENSING TO FIGHT ETHNIC CLENSING does not meet the criteria of deductive logic. Inductively, we can justify anything, but remember that in 1800 slavery was accepted and practiced all over the world, but……by 1900 had virtually disappeared worldwide. Some say, replaced by subtler forms of slavery (like what we do with undocumented Mexicans who pay Social Security taxes and will never collect benefits). The American Civil War can be justified, or not, based on that reality. Did that war really convince the rest of the world that it was bad, or was it just the advance of civilization. Since 5:18-cv-01436-KK I have been a pessimist, but MLK paid a higher price, and if you read the transcripts of that April 2022 civil rights case you'll wonder what direction we're going.

  6. Russia under Putin has shown it can't be trusted, its use of terrorism, its expansionism into Ukraine's territory, breaking the treaty that Russia signed in 1994 to respect Ukraine's sovereignty and borders.

  7. There are so many burnt out Russian tank videos and one really can't distinguish between an old video or ripped off video from another poster. All money making ventures to get eyeballs. I am stopping watching these videos as I do not know if it is months old or yesterday.

  8. Am I the only one wondering what a Russian T80 is doing all by itself so close to the front? Seems like a waste of a fairly good tank and a great underestimation of Ukraines battle power?

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