• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

This footage released by the 66th Separate Mechanised Brigade of Ukraine reportedly shows Ukrainian forces destroying enemy …


19 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops destroy Russian tanks and positions”
  1. Open your big eyes and see… Ukrainians are dying at an alarming rate… i wonder why US and allies kept fueling the war, rather make peace between these two brothers. All Europeans should see its a divide and conquer technique used by the west to divide the Europeans. Peace is the only Weapon that will stop this war

  2. At least in past wars you had a chance of being missed. This war is brutal because all weapons are so accurate. One shot one kill. It’s terrible.

  3. Are there no patriotic citizens in Ukraine? Because of a comedian crazy Zelensky, the entire Ukraine is in the face of destruction, hundreds of innocent Ukrainian people are dying. Comedian Zelensky's one-sided monologue in American love for the interests of America, what has been achieved for the people of Ukraine in this ten-month war, except for the destruction of Ukraine? Only America. Profits are being made and all the infrastructure of Ukraine is being destroyed one by one, so the patriotic Ukrainian people must take precautions to protect the lives and property of the country and its people.

  4. Interesting if Russia so bad how they now in Bahmut fighting in streets? Even Mozart PMC is in shambles. Retired Marine Corps Colonel Andrew Milburn, who leads the American mercenaries, explained that members of his group cannot stay in hotels now because they are being targeted by Russian missiles. As the name suggests, Mozart Group was intended as a counterpoint to Wagner, but was unable to provide decent opposition to the Russian PMC.

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