• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

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36 thoughts on “Putin's war on Ukraine, explained”
  1. Correction, March 3, 2022: A previous version of this video stated that NATO was brought to Russia's borders for the “first time” in 2004 when Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania joined NATO. That was incorrect because Norway shares a border with Russia and has been in NATO since 1949. We’ve corrected that line at 3:36 to emphasize the importance of former Soviet republics on Russia's border joining NATO for the first time.

    We've also clarified that this is one of Europe's largest wars since World War II. We value your feedback in the comments and appreciate you bringing these points to our attention.

  2. So Basically the west had an opportunity to stop this conflict by simply not expanding Nato any more, but instead they decided to poke the Bear knowing it would start a war. Now it's all Putin's fault…55

  3. Conflicts are provoked between two countries, bribing the politicians of one of them until the war between them starts, and then directly or indirectly selling weapons to both countries, earning a lot of money. This is the recipe.

  4. I was both Physiacly & Mentaly conditioned to respond to a Nuclear threat from the former Soviet Union in 1990s.
    Present day my trainiing is current and I will respond in kind to any and all threats aganist my and Alignrd countries that have sined the NATO alliance agreament. Make no mistake, combating NATO is a bad idea.

  5. yes, problem is you cannot demand that a military alliance disband on threat of military aggression against it… doesn't work for some many reasons. Firstly the military alliance is fuelled by fear of war… and you're threatening war… that's like pouring petrol on a fire.. Secondly, they're sovereign nations in an alliance.. you cannot demand they break up their alliance… Russia played regional power play wrong.. the result was western influence creeping to its borders.. just due to countries fear of russia and economic benefits of the west.. but the west wasn't an enemy of russia.. putin should have just taken it in his stride and tried instead to go after the benefits of having a good relationship with the west.. built his economy and used economic leverage in the region.

  6. The attcks targetted at infrastructures and military targets and not civilians.This is nothing compared to the shock and awe bombardments in Iraq Afganistan Libya or Yugoslavia list goes on and on…..

  7. This is pure comedy. EU and NATO…. the biggest military powers on earth are finally pointing fingers at Russia for doing exactly the same thing they’ve done throughout history. Why hasn’t the media ever covered what was happening in the Middle East decades ago during Bush’s administration???

    This is a joke people need to do a little more research on this border crisis that’s been happing longer then some people have been alive.

    Why are we sending billions of dollars there when people are suffering here in our own country?doesn’t make any sense

  8. My heart with Ukranian people, but but let's be honnest the president Putin want only to defend his country from military of NATO surrounding his border, why don't US let Russia live in peace?

  9. А детей Донецка и Луганска не жалко? Почитайте роман "Молодая гвардия", там описаны реальные события как Донбасс сопротивлялся фашистам в 1941-45 годах. Многое поймете о народе, на защиту которого встала Россия. И который уже 8 лет защищает Россию – свою Родину, не смотря на то что она их бросила на долгие годы после развала СССР.

  10. Did she mention that NATO signed an agreement with Russia after the USSR collapsed, promising not to expand eastward? Then breaking their rule multiple times since then?

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