• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

When Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine, it sent shock waves through Europe. The West expected Russia would see mass …


42 thoughts on “Russia at war – What do Russians say? | DW Documentary”
  1. "……in Moscow the war in Ukraine remains invisible". The same was with in New York and every other American city through all the wars America had in the last decades. So what exactly is said with this statement over Moscow?
    Politician make politic and people carry on living their lives.

  2. I wish You-crane was 100% innocent, but that is simply not the case as history review can teach… The previous history matches current history in certain aspects, from loss of weaponry into the black markets to match previous gov. korruiption to attacks on innocents then and now without protection from within leaving this a humanitarian issue that unfortunately is left without direct communication to the general public that is needed to teach the reality of the bigger picture!
    Both sides are far from perfect but the reality is justified of the current situation to a degree at least.

  3. Looks like Russia will be paying very hard for this. I wish them to get rid of that self made emperor Putin and to be free. But it seems to me there is no will to do it. And no political culture.

  4. "over a period of sveral months I interveiwed…four people" LMAO "A country that is increasingly shutting its self off" What a clown, Russia is doing more trade (especially in oil and gas) that it did before the 24 Feb 2022. It is forming more political ties and economic agreements with other countries, including China, India, Saudia Arabaia, Turkey and African nations. The Ruble is worth more than before the conflict. They are still trading with European countries including Poland (4.7B Euros last year) and Germany. There are more protests in Europe against NATO and the US then against Russia. The US buys Russian oil through India and on sells it and Ukraine is losing hundreds of thousands of troops and the west doesn't give a S**t about Ukrain's people.

  5. Упоротому немецкому журналисту обязательно надо прогнать пропаганду что россияне не пришли на встречу к Дарье потому что запуганы а не потому что им просто пох. Да и сразу видно что встреча была идеей этого журналиста.

  6. Say what you will about Russia, it is good, it is evil, it can be loved, it can be hated, it is a bastion of civilization, it a warmongering tyrant.

    But one thing is true, their national anthem is a beautiful piece of music.

  7. Ukraine wants their independence. Russia wants Ukraine to become part of Russia. The U.S. wants to Defend Ukraine to give them their independence and prevent Russia from using Ukraine as a buffer zone from an invasion from the Black Sea. It’s really a sad situation. To me it seems like Russian politics are the bully here, taking Ukraine’s land, not allowing their own citizens to dispute the war or change laws, or even protest, and then threatening the world with nuclear war if anyone gets in their way. If they never started a war with Ukraine in the 1st place, we wouldn’t be worried about destroying the entire planet!

  8. Interesting slice of Russian life today, but also sad, since it reveals an oppressed, misinformed, brainwashed nation of political zombies ruled by a corrupt, vicious crime boss whom the people admire for just those qualities.
    Also, when your leader is threatening the world with nukes while invading neighboring countries militarily like modern-day Nazis, and your only allies are a handful of other terrorist states, and all you do is fish at a lake and support your leader without any sense of truth, right, or wrong, then that is a problem, and you are inviting eventual calamity upon yourself…
    On a higher plane, they are as clueless as all other humans. They only have their own brand of it.

  9. Russia is not the one that's going to determine anything.
    I believe the offer from the west and the US… was to offer European membership and development to Belarus.
    What a strong leader…i heard that, for the benefit of her whole country and peoole, she agreed not run for president. I think this is a travesty for Belarus.
    Lucashanko is may be just as treacherous as Putin.
    He could take it all and give it to Russia.
    Not totally in agreement. However, her decision.

  10. Dimitri reminds me of Victor. Victor is a Russian guy I met at the local kiteboarding spot here in Texas last year. He was confused that I had a Ukrainian flag sticker on my truck next to my customized bumper sticker that says 'Trump is a traitor' in Russian. I had the Trump one on there before the war started. I just didn't want something I owned to have Trump's name on it in English so I had that one made up. Sure almost no one in Texas understands it (besides Victor), but I know what it means and that's the important thing.

    We talked a little politics and he tried to sugar coat it, but he was definitely not of my mindset. When i asked him about Putin, he said he doesn't really like him because if he was back in Russia, he might wind up getting sent to Ukraine. I didn't get the chance to follow up on that because we both wanted to kiteboard, but when i thought about it later I really wish I had made him clarify. I am pretty sure he didn't mind that Putin jails or kills his political enemies, suppresses free speech and has invaded a neighboring nation killing 10s of thousands of innocent civilian including women, children and the elderly. What bothers him is the chance Putin sends HIM into harms way. How am I supposed to care about horrible things happening to Victor or Dimitri when they don't care about horrible things happening to others ?

  11. If VW Dimitri gets called up in the next mobilization and gets turned into cannon fodder, I will have zero sympathy. That is one very good reason to get involved with politics (if you can't think of any others) when things are good. If you let bad leaders come to power, you may yourself pay the price in the end.

  12. Why do "honest" journalists from Deutsche Welle not talk about the fact that the United States annually increases its military spending, has several dozen military bases outside its territory, and is actively working to expand NATO. Why does NATO still exist if the US and the EU say they don't see Russia as an enemy?

  13. I was a student in Serbia during Milosevic's rule and I opposed his regime. From this time distance, I learned how naive I was. West and NATO used us to achieve their objective. Russians be smart or you will pay a bigger price than the Ukrainians.

  14. Im skrry but thats ridiculous and provacative to the middke eastern conflict. Russians are allowed to live in israel but most Palestinians cannot? I cant support this im sorry.

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