• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

U.S. wants Zelensky to surrender? West 'tired' of Bakhmut battle, not happy with Ukraine

U.S. and UK officials are reportedly worried that Ukraine is firing thousands of artillery shells daily to hold on to Bakhmut.


34 thoughts on “U.S. wants Zelensky to surrender? West 'tired' of Bakhmut battle, not happy with Ukraine”
  1. They are preparing us for Zekensky having peace talks. His own soldiers are threatening to turn against him because people are starving and all of the cash donated is going to the rich and ruling class. I am ex Military and found out the hard way how much Governments lie to thd public. The jig is up, he knows he cannot keep this lie up. We are being prepared for him waving the white flag. All if this could have been prevented a year ago. NATO and the UN are the terrorists that caused this issue in the first place, by lying to Russia. The West haven't got this right from the start. This was a special military operation. If this was an invasion Ukraine would have been destroyed by now and Zekensky would ne dead. Any Western leader has deceived everyone by supporting this vile nonsense. Nothing can save Zekensky now, there is no appetite from the Public to keep this going and pumping resources into a proxy war.

  2. If the principal says so Ukraine to surrender to Russia, being merely proxy Zelensky could not do otherwise. His war resources are provided by the West. Any shortage, or cut-off of re-supplies renders his army paralyze. An army in motion if not re-supplied with critical war materials disintegrates into bands of hungry animals. Demoralized they staged coup de tat against their military and political leaders. Thats the prospect or chances that Ukraine is facing now and hereafter.

  3. I can't tell if Zelensky was caught up in the hype, causing him to believe he could actually win this war, or if Zelensky is the one who created all the hype in the first place.

  4. Ok Ukraine wasting ammunition in Bakmuth said US. This is admitting defeat, or West failure to dominate the battleground with tanks, Himars, Bradley IFV, drones and ammunitions. Who needs to fight with Russia when Ukraine had 250,000 casualties, and replaced with Kids Army pressed for combat. One great reserves available for Ukraine – the Salvation Army.

  5. look at all the cheap Russian trolls, all trying to earn a few cents to buy a bowl of rice… now remind us all, how far Russia is behind in it's "special operation".. and the clown… RUSSIA.. bringing out 1948 era T54 tanks to be put up against Abrams, Leopards and Challengers…. ha ha.. more target practice for western tanks… more blood and bone from dead Russians to fertilize the fields of Ukraine… Zelenski a clown… Putin can't go anywhere.. maybe China, Iran and North Korea – countries where the people all want to get out to western countries.. just goes to show the sick, desperate pathetic people Russian trolls are.. sick, useless no hopers.. the sort of people who have never done anything and will never do anything – because they are useless sick simple fools..

  6. The more weapons the hippocrit`s in the west pour in to the ukraine, the closer putin and russia will head to the polish border, the longer the range of weapons turn up in the ukraine, the more descisive that decision becomes, we are told the Russian army is 3rd rate, that they fight with picks and shovels, wow they are really doing well with those picks and shovels!!!!
    Russia has weaponry the west has no idea about, they play their hand with stealth, I saw a British air defence missile system wiped out, by a russian plane that flew right up to it, what? how did a plane get so close? it probably couldn`t spot the "shovel" coming toward it,!!
    It`s safe for the regime in america to stand and watch, as "non cowardly" soldiers on both sides are destroyed, but Russia will field another 500,000 soldiers if they have to, to keep enemies from their doors……………….

  7. After 10 billion to his long lost son 3 banks closing their 6 trillion budget proposal ended up only $6 joes depends are costing the taxpayer millions yea daddy’s broke now

  8. It's me cecilia tigley from Philippines Manila it's a precious spiritual war of Russian since from Syria in ISIS time before and now in Ukraine that the words comes the mouth of Jordan Amman people OOH RUSSIANS

  9. zekenskyy is a tryrannt and not the compassionate president like the media makes him out to be. A nato puppet installed by the united states in 2014.. Thanks united states. everything you touch turns to toilet paper!!

  10. Each day ukraine is defending Russia is loosing more soldiers and weapons then theirselves.
    Think before you as channel are posting some opinion WHAT IS FALSE.
    Don’t propogandise like you are doing here.

  11. Zelensky is dumb why doesn't recognize how western nations are playing with him, at the end he is alone. Remember that you are going to prison for what you have did against the Ukrainians people in the name of your husband western nations

  12. Zelinsky appears to have been on a free ride for a very long time to the point of starting to believe he could order and will whatever he creamed off and like the Aladdin lamp he could demand whatever got his fancy and been doing just that until now the west was suddenly been shaken out of its stupor to the realisation they are on a ride into the abyss where the Ukraine is headed and needed to be shaken out of its sleepwalking into the reality of a point of no return from the abyss. Wake up America and wake up Nayi and remove those who hypnotised you into this dangerous course and then put on your thinking caps and become sincere with yourselves and be honourable in assessing the path you have been treading for many years and where it is leading the whole of humanity and jolt yourselves out of the belligerent attitudes you seem to have inherited from your predecessors and then you realise the urgency of having become on the verge of the cliff to the abyss from where you should reverse course without any further delays lest Zelinsky and his cohorts lead you into the abyss and the point of no return. You now need to shake each other out of your hypnotic states and race towards making pesce urgently while you still can and remember the clock of the abyss is getting very close to midnight and you have not .uch time to continue with your imponderables

  13. If he surrenders now he's a died man! Remove him and his family send them to a NATO country! It would save billions of dollars and thousands of lives! At what point of destruction, can you still call it a victory? Cut and run time,

  14. Ukraine will give it to them soon. Served its purpose putins army and wagner dead nearly 200.000 thousand combined and 290000 thousand maimed lovely job ukraine. And Backmut a little city on the edge of Ukraine and putrid putin can't take it in 6 months plus BUT it's served Ukraine well over 47000 russian dishes died there and 56

  15. So the West wants Zelensky to stop fighting for his country and down his pants after giving Zelensky arms and materials so the war wont go on further towards the west. Remenmber Biden that what you do comes back.

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