• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukraine says strike destroyed 'significant' Russian weapons and equipment

A top US officials tells CNN the Russian military is running low on troops and equipment needed to continue Vladimir Putin’s war …


19 thoughts on “Ukraine says strike destroyed 'significant' Russian weapons and equipment”
  1. Hmmmm. Wouldn't be too sure about Russia running out of equipment. They lasted over ten years in Afganistan and they've been in the Ukraine for what, ten months. I do not believe that Russia has even started a full scale conventional war with the Ukraine yet. Also, I believe the world and especially Europe is losing interest in this conflict.

  2. They will practice in the field (frontline) on real time and if they survive then they will become experienced fighters and if not, they will be expendable, either way ruthless and brutal mind set of the regime and people (Russians). Looks like, (there are) dearth of men and women of good will (people) to fight back and make Russia a great and good society/country. Because, in democracy, majority of mind set decide as who rules and what kind of people get elected so good society gives good leaders and bad society gives bad leaders.

  3. Just a thought, the Russians are not only looting the Ukrainian territories but purposely targeting and killing thousands of civilians, raping them. deporting Ukrainian people to Russia. I mean I can understand that Ukrainian separatists are being sent to Russia, but the entire region's population? In the back of my mind, many of the deported Ukrainians will be mobilized or sent to labor camps or even worst human trafficking which makes sense to me judging by the aggressor's conduct up until now. The people of the world see the Russian false flags and propaganda claims to be batshit crazy anything to justify their actions as some absurd mission to make the world a better place.

  4. Putins conscripts are not only under trained phisically but they do not have the mental training which is far more crucial. These regular Russian citizens are as SOFT as most of us…and just wait till the weather gets harsh. Putins army will melt! The Wagner Group must be strategically bombed and immobilized…and this invasion is OVER!!! Putin knows that using ANY form of Nukes is suicide, and he's way too narcissistic to want to end his privileged existence!

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