• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian D-20 Howitzer Survives Lancet Strike with Minimal Damage

A Ukrainian D-20 Howitzer hit by Lancet needed just repairs to a wheel. …


44 thoughts on “Ukrainian D-20 Howitzer Survives Lancet Strike with Minimal Damage”
  1. Lancet payload is either 1 or 3 kg, depending on variant. That means, what, 10 to 30 4"/12cm sticks like this around the explosive? Doesn't seem like a strong design. I wonder….
    That re-bar (concrete reinforcing bar) looks "Russian cut." That means: Short enough to fit in the warhead, but long enough that Ivan can get enough pieces cut to fill his quota and not lose any vodka breaks. Probably not what the job sheet called for..

  2. I have to wonder about the IQ of some of these comments.
    This is a D-20 soviet howitzer. It weights 5 tons and is made of cast steel.
    A single mortar loaded into this beast weights more than 8 lancet drones.
    In what fucking universe would 500 to 700 g of explosive and some steel do anything to this? It has the explosive energy of 3 to 5 grenades.
    The lancet isn't anti material. It's anti personel. And it works as you would expect from what I've seen on Telegram.
    As for the rebar, anyone who's served in Iraq or Afghanistan will tell you what a piece of flying rebar can do to a person – human sized meatballs.

  3. This video really shows you how retarded the avg westoid is. You are shown 1 angle of the d20 and completely ignore the fact the there is smoke coming from behind the gun shield and that the other side of the howitzer is never shown and just believe everything Ukraine says. And this "analysis" has netted you 200k followers…

  4. If I have nothing to hide, then I will show this howitzer from all sides, and not just from one angle opposite to the explosion.
    I'm sorry but this video doesn't prove anything. Moreover, there is a video where the Lancet completely destroyed the tank, causing the ammunition inside the tank to explode.

  5. One of the soldiers having Freedom patch on his arm, that's freaking neat man. Duty would be better tho, but what can you do.
    Are the Russians having having Monolith patch as they are equally brainwashed, or do they just hang around with zombies? That's what their Z stands for anyway, (Putin's) zombies. (As some in Russia refers it.)

  6. lmao, shows only from side that wasn`t impacted, the other side is fucked up… That howitzer is fucked up beyond repair. You are coping even for an obviously damaged howitzer.

  7. There was a video of a guy getting hit by a 30/40 mm grenade and surviving with literally no shrapnel getting him, because shrapnel is quire random.
    I am not sure that I would believe that the lancet is using rebar as shrapnel, since Russia's air defense missiles already use custom made shrapnel.
    It is possible that this is a field modification done by the troops to increase the amount of damage done to the target, which I think is more realistic.
    Or maybe they just found rebar around the truck, while they are in a place that looks like a junkyard/workshop, where you can always find rebar around, and just said that it was from the lancet.

  8. Note to Ukrainian propagandist.
    Next time wait until the howitzer stops smoking before filming and saying the only damage was a flat tire.

  9. Suchomimus: "If the lancet hit in a different spot it could have done more damage."

    Peanut gallery: Yeah if it hit between the wheels it could have flatten both of them.

  10. I see someone else in the comments noting that this is apparently a HEAT warhead variant of the Lancet that should be expected to be more effective against the howitzer, but that this was a fragmentation warhead intended for infantry in the first place. In which case, I honestly don't see much of a problem with using off-cut scraps of rebar to fill the shrapnel casing. If soft flesh is hit by supersonic metal, it won't make much difference whether it was a tungsten ball bearing or a twisted hunk of construction debris. What will make a difference is how many warheads you can fill up for the same price. Of course, knowing Russia they aren't leveraging that efficiency to produce swarms of munitions, rather someone corrupt is skimming the budget.

  11. Why tho? Why target 1 howitzer w that drone noone was even operating it at the moment how'd they know it wasn't already out of service…I feel like it's a waste to dive a drone into 1 howitzer…the drone would have done more good just orbiting the area until it got shot down…dummies

  12. Никто не станет стрелять из поврежденного орудия. До полного его ремонта. На самом деле повреждения есть. И риск разрыва ствола или заклинивания снаряда, существует. Оператор правильно выбрал цель. Хотя и не разрушил окончательно.

  13. Да он вообще камнями набит внутри. Арматура это слишком дорого. Ну так просто. В Ланцете кумулятивный заряд

  14. In the US the cut metal in the drone is called ReBar. Often used in building, when pouring cement fencing etc… Often you see it laid out in a grid in cement as its poured or standing upright.

  15. I do watch your videos but if this going to be your standard lm not sure how much more I will be watching. (1) I don’t think this was the piece of equipment that was hit. The Ukraine soldiers filming didn’t show the point of contact were it was hit, there would have been clear burn marks (2). I think it was a clear propaganda film by the Ukraine’s, just remove the damaged equipment then tow in another piece, let down the tire and say these drones are no threat.

  16. Anyone else thinking that the Lancets are supposed to have high explosive and hardened penetrators, but a few cheaper substitutions were made and the difference pocketed?

  17. if the lancet is a kamikaze drone, and is accompanied by an orlan 10 to be directed/steered to the target like you see here. it makes you wonder why they fit it with such a hitech gimbal/rotating camera like that.
    I would have a fixed camera lower quality. enough to just target and boom.
    trust russia to overbuild something LOL

  18. I love the white wash of this video. I would love to see what happened to the OP4M dial sight on that howitzer. That’s the delicate part of any artillery gun. A hit with a hammer can damage it beyond repair. But camera won’t come around behind the metal panel that was blown open.

    Get real. It will take a miracle to get this museum piece working again. Unless US was stashing these parts from 1947

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