• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

This footage shows a Ukrainian brigade destroying several Russian armoured vehicles in their bid to “completely clear Ukrainian …


41 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces destroy Russian howitzer and tanks with Stugna-P anti-tank guided missile systems”
  1. Never thought i would see the day when a drone observing a target and directing fire on that target.All in real time.I also never knew i would be seeing the damage to equipment and people not long after it happens.Wild

  2. Wars nowadays is becoming like video games. No ammo is wasted, everything is delivered through high tech with precision into the heart of each target. Even artillery has progressed far using air drones.
    And to think that most of the ukranian soldiers running this kind of tech had minimal training or none.
    Simply AMAZING.

  3. Мой друг научиться попадать с помощью ПТУР СТУГНА в маленькое окно с 3км. Слава Украине

  4. *Ukrainians' genocide against Poles. Quartering live children, women, nailing live children with nails to the table …
    *American genocide against black Americans
    * Russian genocide against Poles in Katyn
    *the American genocide in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    * pharmaceutical-political genocide called covid
    * genocide of Indians in North America by Europeans
    * genocide in the deliberate and ineffective treatment of cancer.

    When will the USA, Russia, Ukraine answer for genocide ???

  5. Я не люблю войну. Мне нравится смотреть, как коммуняки умирают!!!!!
    YA ne lyublyu voynu. Mne nravitsya smotret', kak kommunyaki umirayut!!!!! Running cowards—–Бегущие трусы

  6. these small drones have been a huge benefit to the Ukraine army, specifically for finding the Orcs hidden like this, its amazing that something as small as a mavic pro can leed to wiping out a platoon or company. Slava Ukraine!!

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  8. 보내주신 귀 방송 잘 봤습다~!Thank you for your good broadcating~! All the modern wars don’t justify & rationalize all the sins & crimes which are committed to the underdogs and victims of both contries during the war of both countries. Putin who don’t know the above truth on war warning must be a war-crazy killer and human pubic offender.There is only God's retribution for Put’sins=cirmes & his soldiers’ cruelities and brutalities~![어떤 전쟁이든 전쟁 양국가의 특히 약자들의 비극과 비참과 희생을 이세상에 어떤 것으로 정당화 & 합리화 & 변명 할 수 없다는 것은 만고 진리이다.이를 어긴 정신병에 가까은 광신적 살인마 인류와 인륜의 공공의 적(인간 늑대)인푸틴은 그에 대한 하나님 아버지의 댓가[천벌]만이 있을 따름이다~!]하나님 아버지~! 심신이 거의 고장난 전쟁광 살인마인 푸틴과 그에 모든 추종자들과 그 추종국가들의 모든 사이비 지도자들이 앞으로 우크라이나 사태에 대해서 무슨 변명과 회개을 해도 거짓 궤변과 거짓 회개이오니 반드시 하나님의 절대 주권과 뜻에 따라 당장 천벌과 응징을 내려주십시오~! And so do that, surely~! So be it truly~!Amen~!

  9. It seems that he was carrying the injured, but a shell hits the place where he was carried.

  10. Btw SUN degradate… it’s Russian footage of Ukrainian position:-) look at color on soldiers hands:-) blue:-))) and what’s for Russian make ground stronghold if they constantly “ covardly” moving forward and Ukrainian “bravery retreat”:-)))) look at google maps along fighting line (there are 3 year old maps – google didn’t renewe its territory) even there 25 km line of “mannergeim – zelensky”. They prepare war for 8 year, it’s difficult to imagine how wide this line now, that’s why Russians moving forward so slow.

  11. According to one Russian military guy, his Commander/General shot himself on his leg in order to go back home……hahahahah '))))))))) So hilarious ; The general didnt want to die in the hand of Ukrainian little but powerful drones……hahahahahaha…PAPER TIGERS !!!!

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