• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

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38 thoughts on “Bakhmut Holds – Chinese Plan – Russian Invasion of Ukraine DOCUMENTARY”
  1. China already providing support and supply of military parts and chips to Russia. Look at the numbers of Chinese and Kazakhstan exports to Russian. It's quadruple over last 12 month!

  2. I remember everyone telling me ukraine will be gone in a week or 3 days. I was the only one telling them that they have a winning chance still

  3. The evil that is overcoming Russia knows no bounds. It will not go away of its own accord — we must stand steady in the Light of God's truth, service and discipline. May unity and freedom prevail!

  4. Considering the total allied help to Ukraine there is no way Russia is going to win, their budget can't sustain this war. Just like the USSR they will go broke and crack under pressure. I'm sure Kadyrov would be more interested in liberating Chechnya if he sensed that Moscow was going bankrupt.

  5. France and Germany favoring a peace that would just hand Russia exactly what it wants, a frozen conflict keeping Ukraine out of the EU and NATO and leaving it vulnerable to future action. Making the same mistakes, over and over again

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