• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

This footage shows Ukrainian air reconnaissance and National Guard artillery taking out a Russian ammunition warehouse and …


31 thoughts on “Moment Ukrainian artillery take out Russian ammunition warehouse and special forces units”
  1. درود ب ارتش خدا با ارتش شیطان مجسم بجنگید وآنها را تنبیه کنیدتا دیگر هوس تجاوز بسر مین‌های ازادرا نکنندزلسنکی عزیز بزرگترین رهبرشجاع جهان است

  2. Hit moscow russia with missles any populated area will do .hit the kremlin down town moscow red square too. glory to ukraine .send a great message that eukraine can touch you no matter where your hidding inside the borders of russia

  3. Ukraine capable of small mission, but seen in the viede perspective the have lost the war.The offensive they bragged about never came .Instead the russians are advancing and the ukranians retiring or are pushed back !

  4. Я отримую задоволення кожного разу, коли бачу, як Україна знищує російські війська та техніку!

    Хай живе Україна!

  5. A brief history of Russia :-
    The Boyars (aristocrats) were 'imprisoned' in Moscow :
    if they left without permission they lost their land.
    One German merchant (1526) said, "The Russians love servitude more than liberty"
    A German princess married one Tsar (I forget who) and observed,
    "The Russians like to feel the lash".
    One cannot reason with the Russians, or make a treaty with them – they
    must be defeated militarily. Then one must present a strong force to keep them at bay.

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