• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Russian forces bolstered by fresh troops are said to be “eradicating” towns and villages in Ukraine’s hotly contested Donbas …


34 thoughts on “Russia- Ukraine war : Battle for eastern Ukraine heats up | Latest News | WION |”
  1. Leaders of powerful nations the whole world is respectfully requesting you to be reserved, exercise self-restraint, and avoid being reckless and aggressive. Always think of peaceful, enjoyable, and happy life. We pass through this world but once, so let us enjoy life to the nth degree as we may not pass this way again. Let us forget war for war destroys almost everything!

  2. What a hypocrisy,,, full of treacherous narrative,, who's to blame,,, you're warned by Russia not to expand to their border but you manipulate, interfere other nation to be part of NATO just to contain Russia,,,what a lunaçy, shame on you USA and NATO…

  3. To UN people..how about that you suggest Zelensky to stop him not to join the NATO..so that Putin will stop the special operation…also advise the NATO to stop helping Zelensky…this is my opinion..

  4. WION: now this is only a distractor so when are you going to address how Obama, Hillary and some other US politicians are colluded with Mexican high level corrupt cop Garcia Luna and that some of them received money from the cartels ?? looks like this is a headline only in NYC.

  5. The US Ambassador should recall her political handlers celebrating the bombing of the Crimea bridge by Ukraine. Up till then, Russia had avoided bombing power stations in UkrIne. Everything changed thereafter.

  6. We do not see UN speaking out against Israel's genocide against Palestine in a similar manner!
    This is why the whole of Asia and Africa hate the West for it's double standards!

  7. Jesus Christ called people everywhere to repent, so if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe with all your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved and inherit the kingdom of heaven and eternal life. To this, people would accept Jesus Christ in life in their hearts and told other people how good he is, how he saves, heals and frees and gives eternal life for free 153

  8. Bachmut is falling and Ukraine is falling apart, city after city is falling to Russian troops and 13 cities were taken last week, over 3000 Ukrainian troops were killed last week according to German intelligence, with half of ukraines entire army dead in only 11 months, Russia is easily going to prevail with 3 times as many troops on the battle field and over 2000 tanks , Go Russia

  9. Once Ukraine wins the war and Russia is forced to pay reparations to Ukraine, its estimated to take 10-15 years to rebuild Ukraine. Some good news for the world is that Russia will be dumping oil and gas to make payments so those products will be cheap.

  10. According to Russias own figures their income is down 35% over last years income. Their economy is actually shrinking, but their military spending is up 59%. This is unsustainable – their economy is collapsing. The end is near for Hitler 2.0

  11. Russia is trying to hurry the war as everything is collapsing inside Russia. They are running out of money to execute the war. They are running out of people to draft into the war. They are running out of weapons as they can’t be produced quickly enough.

  12. Why you all didn't voice during the Iraq, libiya and Afghanistan invention? Did they found any chemical weapons or nuclear bombs? What ever it is even killing the inacent people and children? All bullshit

  13. Want to rub salt in the wound? Once Russian military is destroyed in Ukraine! Ukraine leases Sevastopol Naval facilities to NATO with a huge Airfield for Nato planes and Ships. Air defense Radar installed country wide for Ukraine security.
    Russian ships denied access to Sea of AZOV. Send message to Russia Any Incursion is as act of war with NATO! Belarus may want to become Independent also? And Invite NATO to help with Security? Putin opened that can of worms and it was a big Mistake in 2014, and again in 2022!

  14. War means destruction. Held America responsible for destruction of Iraq. Europe is trying to drag the war more and more to destroy Russia. It’s a dangerous game.

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