• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Russian navy were helpless in Dnipro River: Ukrainian forces hit 8 Russian warships in 2 day! #russia #Ukraine #UkraineWar …


20 thoughts on “Russian navy were helpless in Dnipro River: Ukrainian forces hit 8 Russian warships in 2 day!”
  1. Breaking news isn't giving away Ukrainian logistics ; because news is always a year , months , weeks , days , hours ago. And sometimes disinformation of one or both sides . Russia hates it when others play using Russian rules. Slava Ukraine !

  2. First of all, it is a disgrace to the civilized world and humanity in this century.

    In reality, the actual losers are Ukraine, Russia, European countries, and third-world countries. however not the real perpetrators & beneficiaries of the disastrous proxy war.

    Therefore, instead of adding fuel to the fire by providing more destructive arms, the civilized West should come forward to bring the brothers to the peace table first.

    Why is the West hesitant to be neutral and reluctant to initiate a peace plan?

  3. Easy on the specifics. The general public would rather not have Russia know any more than they do, and how it was done to them. All the spefic bah, blah might not be good for the Ukrainians.

  4. So much information, but Putin went after all oligarchs except for the ones who paid the unelected traitor Biden. This is all planned. It is for the screwing of America by the communists as well as the starvation of the people of Africa. Watch and see if the next war is not in Africa.

  5. Lord i trust You to make ppl understand that the EARTH IS YOURS AND ALL THAT THERE IS IN IT and as You,ve said that satan will be loose for a thousand yrs and if the russian leader thinks that any part of YOUR WORLD IS his he have to think twice i wish him good luck BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU ARE GOD ALLMIGHTY ALLPOWERFUL AND YOU DO REPAY BECAUSE NO man owns YOUR WORLD YOUR EARTH AND AS YOUR WORD SAYS (NOTHING WE BRING INTO THIS WORLD AND NOTHING WE CAN TAKE OUT THANK YOU FATHER FOR THE SAVIOR AND YOUR WORDS WICH IS MY OUR GUIDENCE AS YOUR SAYS THOU SHALL NOT KILL

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