• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

This footage shows troops from the 68th Jager Infantry Brigade of Ukraine firing at a Russian tank and destroying it in Ukraine.


42 thoughts on “Russians flee as Ukrainian Wolverines DESTROY tank on battlefield”
  1. Would like to see the from Russians perspective in this war, not just the Ukraine and the west narrative of how the war is going. I've not yet seen any convincing war footage of any war happening. Even the first world war had more and better footage.

  2. надо было просто пустить танк на автопилоте сразу и наблюдать как его бабахнут .

  3. I wonder how days will pass before this is exposed as Ukrainian propaganda.
    Just like the ghost of Kiev, snake island, Zelenskyy’s green screens, the missile attack in Poland.

  4. Ловко подставил зад! Дуель в ничью… Не понятно куда херачил и не увидел спрут? Но судя по видосам, танкисты в слепую… Где к танкам привязаные дроны, работающие во всех диапазонах. Где собственная разветка екипажа, стоит копейки, по срвнению с консервой, но всё ушло на гужбан и дворцы!!!

  5. i love how western media is portraying that ukraine is winning. to this date 11.28 ukraine has never been so desperate. 50 percent of their entire electricity is down, they have shortage of water, they are not getting more weapons from nato and russia just recruited more then 700 000. winter is cuming, ukraine is desperate, russia is taking it slow, ukraine will never win

  6. the sun's propaganda is nice watch the videos of the counterparty you will see how the ukrainians fall like skittles they only show what suits them watch the russian videos

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