• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Ukraine’s lone 2S22 Bohdana self-propelled howitzer was nearly destroyed before being fielded against Russian forces.


30 thoughts on “Ukraine Has One Advanced Howitzer Which It Almost Destroyed I The 2S22 Bohdana's Role In Putin's War”
  1. Unfortunately for the Russian civilians-they have been born and raised to be non-political thinking,. Meaning they are conditioned to accept leadership and the concentration of power in one person(even if by force) instead of being interested and active participants in politics and influencing a government or leader. Participating politics is not something that is championed or of general interest to them. The academia talent (science, engineering, big computer tech), wealth, artistic talent, and general potential of Russia is wasted and and unrealised. The government pillages the public's money, allowing their military, and public / social spending to be redirected into their own pockets. The citizenry is left to struggle to survive day-to-day even when in well paid jobs. This is so they are not able or motivated by with larger societal issues and politics, which is exactly what the Kremlin wants, since it keeps them in control and keeps people distracted with their own problems.

    When Putin is gone- another just like him, will take his place. He will promise to not repeat the same mistakes made by his predecessor. But the people yet again, will have no control over this process or any influence upon it in anyway- and so the cycle begins again in Russia. That is how it is in Russia, how it’s always been, this is how its government and political system is structured. It’s about maintaining central control over the population and this is how successive governments have come to realise is the best solution for them in power to achieve it.

    It is a truly tragic situation, and nothing will change if the people do not demand and enact change, this is easily said of course, in reality that would in doubt mean taking control by force. They cannot- because it is a military state and the citizens unlike the US for example by and large are not armed and have no way of becoming armed. In addition and most importantly, political dissent is quickly and brutally squashed. Outright dissent and criticism of the state in any bigger or more serious forms are dealt with by being jailed long term or indeed assassination. That my friends is a snapshot of Russia for the majority of people living there!

  2. I can see that the dombas region is just a training ground for fresh army troops and weapons testing. Putin's not interested in saving Russia, he's already saved a fortune by getting rid of some over priced generals.

  3. Ukrainian soldiers were trained in France by French gunners to use the 155 mm self-propelled CAESAR gun. These guns are now present in Ukraine and used against Russian troops. The powerful American EXCALIBUR shells compatible with this cannon (NATO standards) were also supplied. These weapons were not destroyed, as announced by Russian-Soviet propaganda.

  4. Catch Kabaeva in Hungary. (looks like she's there). And put an ultimatum, let them withdraw troops from Ukraine! Or in general, Putin is extradited to the world court. We need to stop this slaughter somehow! Putin killed other people's wives and husbands and children and others! So why not take Kabaeva as a hostage! This is a necessity until Putler began to shoot with nuclear weapons! And he did not kill all the inhabitants of Ukraine!

  5. There more & more to come.. an endless supply
    Its a War of Attrition & Economics & the superior western
    Powers are in it for the Long haul.
    Russia are Doomed to fail its just a Matter of time.
    Putins Downfall & Russia's Economical Callapse
    Is Simply Inevitable in the End

  6. M777 with excalibur will own the Russians. Bigger faster stronger baby. When the enemy fires 22 miles and you can shoot 26 miles you know the score.

  7. Pope Francis said the war in Ukraine ” is nothing more than a giant opportunity for a “trade in arms” and that it is still ongoing because of the constant shuttling of weapons to Ukraine .

    Vatican Archbishop Vigano said that President Biden wants to prolong the war for an alterior motive.

  8. OK —— 4: The M-777 155mm Gun could be Ukraine's SUPER WEAPON to WIN this WAR!!! But the current American M-777, 155mm gun only has a short 39cal. Steel barrel that is even inferior to the 42cal Steel barrels in most of Nato's inventories… Giving the Short barrel M-777 a projectile range of only 23 miles with the standard M-795 round. But the M-777 gun America is giving Ukraine could have a range of over 43 miles (instead of just 23miles) with the same M-795 round using a new High Tech long 58cal Barrel (replacing the M-777 old tech steel short 39cal barrel) that is now being field-tested by a Battalion of M-109 Self Propelled Superguns (that truly look beautiful with their long barrels). The new high-tech none steel barrel is a Composite Carbon case, Titanium sleeved long 58cal Ultra High-pressure Marvel of American Engineering… The high-pressure 58cal (30 feet long) barrel using supercharged propellant (that would blow up the average steel barrel) gives the M-777 155mm Super Gun a range of 60 miles firing the new XM1113 projectile… and over 150+ miles with the new subcaliber Hypervelocity GPS guided projectile. Making the M-777 a terror for all Russians in Ukraine… Allowing Ukraine to finally take back (freeing) the Crimea and the Donbas without suffering massive Ukrainian casualties…

    K ——- America needs to send the Battalion of new M-109 Super Gun, long-barreled 58cal guns to Ukraine for testing in real combat (instead of blowing craters in the Texas desert), which would be followed by the new high tech SUPER BARREL Kits for Ukraine's M-777 guns (the new lightweight composite 58cal 30-foot long barrels {same weight and balance as the 39cal steel barrels in both the M777 and M109} simply slide into the gun carriages of both weapons, replacing the original 39 cal barrels without any major modifications). That could number 1,000 M-777 Superguns deployed to Ukraine in a short time if they are pulled from American storage Depots that are waiting to be scrapped… (in addition to the measly 90 the US is sending now…) Giving Ukraine the Numbers to finally have a chance against a Russia that has thousands of big guns more than Ukrain but lack the range of the M-777 SUPER GUN that would be able to sit back and safely SNIPE the Russian big guns and their ammunition depots into oblivion no matter how many Putin sends…!!! Finally giving Ukraine an advantage they Desperately need…!!! As the Russians both outnumber Ukrain in weapons and manpower…!!! Ukraine has been refused modern fighters but with enough M-777 and M-109 guns, Ukraine can make up for what they cannot do without new fighters they can not get!!! Win this WAR!!!

    K1 —-!!! Please call and write President Biden and your Congressmen in the House and Senate to demand that Ukraine get the thousand M-777 and hundreds M-109 guns from our storage depots NOW, with the SUPER GUN 58cal upgrade kits following as soon as they are produced on the production line now making the test barrels for the M-109 Supergun…!!! That will stop the Russians in their tracks from taking any more Ukraine cities to torcher innocent local civilian men, Rape women and children then murder and bury them in mass Graves…Thank You…!!!

  9. There's a reason they called for a cease fire in Azovostol…Ukraine yahtzee's hiding behind civilians as per SOP…Russia is showing way too much compassion…however they are all pro Russian civilians in that plant or else I would've gassed the whole place and not endangered one Russian life for this NATO debacle.

  10. I always thought that human beings are not as intelligent as they think… now I am sure that we are idi0ts… imbecile "patriots" in a nuclear war there are no winners, only losers…

  11. RED LEG is only as good as the soldier who is the Foward observer (FO) calling in the grid/ordnance with a map. I'm sure ukraine uses drones and GPS to do the fire missions. 4th div. vietnam.

  12. Look all of these hardwares r outdated most probably destroyed recently ur dealing zirkon type cruise missile flying at machx 10.with 99%accuracy from x500nm so far they've destroyed all there targets anyways russkies av best artillery piece in the world allready tried and tested in conflicts world wide last 10 years…

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