• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Sky’s Sophy Ridge asks retired Air Vice Marshal Sean Bell if the spring offensive is underway in Ukraine. Read the latest updates …


26 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Has the spring offensive started yet?”
  1. Spring offensive what a joke, Putin is laughing his head of at the clowns in Parliament who are supporting Ukraine with billions of pounds all the sanctions against Russia has done nothing!!………. That's why thousands of Russian people are arriving here in Thailand every day for there winter holidays and exchanging USA dollars at the cash exchanges!! Seems funny how Ukraine officials are buying expensive chalets in Switzerland wonder were that money is coming from!!

  2. I’m very confused on how someone who is meant to know what he’s talking about actually said Russia has no answer to western tanks,,the minute one of our tanks gets blown up it’s going to be massive news in Russian state media,,all tanks are vulnerable in some form and unfortunately it’s only a matter of time before it happens,,also a tank is only as good as the crew operating them,,I also wish the western media would tell the truth and admit that Ukraine can’t and won’t defeat Russia,,they have fought like lions which may push them back and something like the DMZ in Korea is best case scenario

  3. Ruzzia is running out or artillery ammunition to destroy Ukrainian residential houses so Ruzzia is having a cry about depleted uranium cutting their T54 tanks to shreds
    Ruzzia can freely choose to stop invading Ukraine when ever it wants
    Ukraine cant
    0 tears for ruzzians

  4. Russia will be out of shells by March, 2022.
    They will be infighting and uprisings if Russia start a mobilisation.
    Russia is throwing thousands of orcs into valiant Ukrainian defenders and being slaughtered, wave after wave.
    Every city they take, it's just symbolic.
    150 out of the 99 missiles fired were intercepted by Ukrainian Air defences.
    Putin, has Cancer and Parkinson's and he's been poisoned at least two times.
    Wagner are 80% made up of criminals and led by a thief.
    All the bombings on Donetsk are false flag attacks by Russia.
    Russia is still bombing the nuclear plant it captured and it occupying.

    Keep dripping this absolute crap into your system, for as long as it takes… Then please, wake up.

  5. Breaking News !!

    Russia sends yet another
    200 000 men to Ukraine. Mostly volunteer corps. Russia now has
    1 350 000 men in service in Ukraine , 7 times more men than they started with one year ago, and passes 2 million men in Defense Militia and Forces.

    We can expect Bachmut, Vuhledar and Avdiivka to fall in April.

  6. I am all for ousting Puting and all of his ilk out of Ukraine and being put to trial as a genocidal criminal against humanity. Having said that I would expect an English channel to report where in this war do the Rushist use depleted uranium weapons. Show the intelligence reports. I know from facts that depleted uranium projectiles are harmful to the environment more than any poison ever can. Also, why don't they use volfram projectiles? Does the West need to get rid of their nuclear waste?

  7. There are reports of Russia running low on ammunition – lower rates of artillery use, missile use, etc. Also reports of them preparing older T-62 tanks for battle. On the surface this looks bad, and it certainly isn't good from their perspective. But I wonder – how much are they holding in reserve? They have to be holding back some "top tier" capability in case they need to defend Russia. I believe the proportions of how much of their combat power they are willing to expend in the "Special Military Operation" vs how much they are holding in strategic reserve would tell us just how committed they are to success. That might be an indication of how likely they are to be negotiated out of Ukraine vs having to be forced out of Ukraine.

  8. "A Ukrainian Offensive" is that a joke? In an interview this very week, Zelensky stated "Ukraine Can't Launch An Offensive", it's out of weapons and ammunition, and as it has already lost more men than the US Army lost in WW2, it will soon be out of troops. I suggest that the idiotic Sean Bell should stick to playing with his aeroplanes, he obviously has no grasp on reality!

  9. I appreciate his talent in making it look like the UK has done nothing provocative by sending uranium to Ukraine to use against Russia. Brits can pretend as if it was some fireworks for the New year celebrations but the Russian decision to deploy nukes in Belarus was a response to this.

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