• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

An Azov assault brigade of the Ukrainian army fired Soviet-era Howitzers near Bakhmut on Monday (February 6) as a Russian …


28 thoughts on “Ukraine's Azov battalion fires Howitzers near Bakhmut”
  1. Wow such brave men Bakhmut Sila Slava Ukraine they will never Bakhmut Moscow will fall before Bakhmut will mark my words fellas especially with the bravest of the brave the best of the best already seen in action and proven Azov Batalion Bakhmut Sila will never fall with those great men there

  2. Most of the world believes in Ukraine, Ukrainian people and The Ukrainian Armed Forces. Glory to Ukraine, Ukraine will raise again. Stronger than ever.

  3. Бог всё видит Володя Зеленский, не царь даже а презедент Украины. Ты знаешь законы европы не совенны а распутны и что наёмники из европпы делают на Украине защищая власть которая покрывает и создаёт возможности для празднования день создания УПА под руководством Фашистского лидера Адольфа Гитлера падшего ангела, сына свяшенника, сжигавшего в крематориях людей сотнями тысячь и создавшего возможности для создания производств товаров из волос и кожи убиенных пленных и департированных, перчатки, обожуры парики, мыло всё это из человеческого материала так называли в секретных документах нацисты, обозночались люди подвергнутые этой переработке. Зверю служите Воладимир, зверю.

  4. i really doubt this is near bakhmut looks a lot more like training somewhere deep in friendly territorry, a stationary artillery position like that wouldnt last long(minutes/hours if very lucky) anywhere on the frontline

  5. Thank you for posting this.

    It's great to hear today that the UK is making a genuine, useful contribution to Ukraine in the form of Challenger tanks instead of dragging its heels like other tank-producing countries we could name. It sounds as if Ukraine needed to field more soldiers–with more machine guns, mortars, and grenade launchers, if it was to prevent the loss of the Bakhmut / Soledar region to Wagner.
    It seems like a wasted effort to send F-16 or other air to air fighter jets. Maybe Ukraine could make use of ground attack aircraft; Ukraine definitely needs more surface to air missile systems to take down Russian flying bombs (It makes no sense at all to waste expensive patriot missiles on countless, cheap drones; the finite number of Patriot missiles should be saved for cruise missiles.)

    Other channels suggested that Wagner has successfully drawn Ukraine's forces into a Bakhmut Soledar trap and that this is the reason why it appears to be stalemate everywhere else along the battle front, 5 months of stalemate except where Wagner is gaining ground.

    It took the USA a long time to find good generals during the 1860s. I hope Ukraine has them or finds them faster than we did back then.

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