• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukraine’s new rapid-fire howitzers went into action after Germany and the Netherlands delivered over 12 PzH 2000s to the country …


18 thoughts on “Ukraine's new rapid-fire howitzers go into action as NATO holds drills in Germany”
  1. It’s time to contemplate a broken up Russia. They have weaken their military so much that their satellite states will start seeking independence.

  2. Russia is now storing equipment in some of Ukraine’s nuclear power plants thinking Ukraine won’t shell them. I would not be so sure..

  3. Get out of Ukraine, dumb Zelensky!
    Surrender US aided Ukraine. Ukrainians in Ukraine are losers and Losers cannot be choosers.
    EU Contact UN and force Ukraine to stop war and force Ukrainian's to stop all fighting.
    Declare and go past, No man's land borders and vacate land. Find all Ukrainian's and counsel all wanting to fight. Reply to all on YouTube and other media and order to stop war propaganda comments, else block their comments in the world wanting, needing war.
    Declare No man's land borders in Ukraine lost cities and vacate more than sufficient land or go, evacuate, go home to other countries and live happily for years to come.
    Don't cross lost cities line, no man's land.
    Hundred days over now leave them and world has other work.
    Losing land or the whole world for life is not right. Life is above everything, worlds and words.
    World to Oust, Zelensky.
    Zelensky , get out of Ukraine.
    Go, evacuate, go home to other countries. Stop war aid and comment against US supporting War and comment against war aided Ukrainian's army.

  4. nato is a scary alliance, your hard copeing if you think russia china and iran could last a month… keep your cute jokes and memes lol, we are talking about the militarys of the usa, uk, canada, france, poland, italy, spain, finland, sweden, norway, romania and maybe turkey lol, japan, south korea, taiwan, new zealand and australia as allies… we have most of the allies and ALL of the axis from ww2, russian and chinese dictators can litteraly suck my balls

  5. Hey look more western scrap for the Russians to destroy then put out videos standing on the destoyed western scrap that the cowardly western government will deny or have censored from YouTube

  6. US advocates for liberation WORLD from "colonizer-invaders" such fury, that first of all at UN-meeting the whole World SHOULD condemn US as "№ 1 colonizer", liberate America from Anglo-Saxon & give back all lands to Indians.

    US is world's biggest terrorist? Yes, From the very beginning of its existence, America has been engaged in terror and genocide of Indians, Mexicans, Vietnamese, Chinese, Koreans, etc. America is a hypocritical and cynical 'killer-country', which at all times gave shelter to fugitive Nazis from all countries and nurtured Nazi saboteurs for "orange revolutions in the name of democracy" all over the world. Just from one word 'democracy' makes people sick.

    Many people have already understood that THIS IS A CHOKING IMPOSITION OF "WESTERN VALUES" – means dropped bombs on peaceful cities, devastation, banditry, corruption, drugs, violence and hunger.

  7. Great, now the nazis our government loves so much can shell civilians even faster, how lovely. Remember, nuclear war is a good thing and Ukraine is culturally akin to Portland, we swear, don't mind the SS banners! I, for one, am happy to be vaporized along with all life on earth in order to protect the Biden family piggy-bank. Hunter's clearly a highly qualified energy expert who deserved that $$, amirite?

  8. These howitzers looks advance on wheels but it still belongs in the WW2 era. The war concept today is no longer rapid-fire in volumes but power and precision!

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