• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

This footage shows Ukrainian troops targeting a Russian armoured fighting vehicle and at least four soldiers. The images show …


18 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery targets Russian armoured vehicles and soldiers”
  1. TB2 flying lawnmower needs lots of ammo… rockets keep on rocking… Crimea. Special Operation… Trains and Trucks burn great… destroy the resupply

  2. Watching channels like this and BBC one gets the impression that Ukraine is winning the war …but the reality it seems Is just the opposite….so mich for unbiased reporting by BBC etc

  3. To bad the Ukraine lost a lot more than that yesterday.1500 soilders, 300 tanks and other vehicles and and like 5 jets and a bunch of drones. I don't think killing 2 or3 Russian tanks is really worth bragging about but rock on with the propaganda.

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