• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
  1. If the Russians had not invaded Ukraine, they would not be fighting them. But then they have a Putin who wanted to increase his wealth by acquiring Ukraine’s oil, minerals, etc. A few billion was not enough for him. So what if he sacrifices thousands of Russian soldiers for profit to himself.

  2. More pointless wasting of ammo. The guy has not even looked at what's there, there's no burst, aim, burst, aim. More evidence of why supporters will question why they should keep giving ammo to Ukraine. If you can hold back Russia being this wasteful, imagine what you could achieve being more professional.

  3. “Psychopathic mercenaries who just want to kill…..” do you mean your wagner private army……the soviet union is controlled exclusively by OLD FOOLISH MAD MEN LIVING IN THE PAST.

  4. What is Prigozhin doing?
    He's starting to show reason and an understanding of what's going on in the world. What is this clarity of mind and why suddenly NOW?

    This is neither a loaded question nor a rhethorical one, if anyone has seen me comment elsewhere they will know exactly what I think about the state of Russia today

  5. Certain psychopathic mercenaries who just want to kill Russians. How do you deal with a "people" who are completely insane as this MONKEY? There is only one way, "Le Morte de Piggoshun.

  6. Wait for the footage when Marder kills T-5x with its Mauser 20mm and Leopard kills T-7x in a drive by shooting.
    BTW: Dear Ukrainians. If you fight with our German stuff with no infantery and head on I am really angry! That is not how it is teached in Grafenwörth. Stay smart. Keep your equipment and save rounds. A barrel does not last forever. Same as you expered with the PzH2000.

  7. Warthog is arguably one of the best news outlet’s regarding Ukraine. That said, a bit of constructive criticism is in order here. What’s the point of showing some guy loading a machine gun and firing it, seemingly pointlessly? Without context, it looks like a waste of ammunition.

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