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BBC crew and aid workers flee ‘artillery attack’ in Ukraine – BBC News


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A BBC team has come under fire in Ukraine while following a group of local aid workers. The volunteers deliver food to villages in …


23 thoughts on “BBC crew and aid workers flee ‘artillery attack’ in Ukraine – BBC News”
  1. Most probably these are spies masquerading as aid or volunteers workers. Not the first time happened…..won't be last time happening. Some are even spies masquerading as You End aid workers.

  2. create a war when people die like flies you go there with aid?? come on world is tot fools. UK and US started this war now Russia started pounding Ukraine now you run for cover. Don't worry if you fiddle too much with Russia then Putin will sink UK once for all under the Atlantic ocean. it takes just 15 minutes to do it.

  3. See and donate help to iEarlGrey, Graham Phillips and Eva K Bartlett. All this suffering so that drowning US can print more cash to stay afloat on the blood of the world stage.

  4. Lies? Bec the Russians ran out of weapons 8 months back. Either that was a lie, or this is. Both bits of info released by BBC…..indeed, they said the Russians were fighting with shovels just 15 days back.

  5. The narrow and ignorant teachings and theories of the sociology, political science and anthropology are the creators of the war and war arms through out human history. So, the universities of sociology, political science and anthropology should be shut down through out the world, and it will be the end of war and war arms in our natural planet. The natural science needs to unite the earth and man together, because the man is a creation of the earth, but the sociology, political Science and anthropology have divided the earth and man into various parts. This is the biggest crisis and conflict among present lives through out the world. Today, there is not having the unity and the peace even between two children or two elders in the world. So, the people of the world should leave away from the social process and socialization, and people should reach to natural process and naturalization of natural science. Until man defeats the social process with the help of capitalism and achieves globalization and naturalization, there will be suffering, pain, oppression, premature death, crisis, war, terror in the face of all life in the world.

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