• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian troops destroy Russian tank in huge blast on the battlefield. This footage shows a Russian tank bursting into …


40 thoughts on “Moment Ukrainian troops destroy Russian tank in huge blast”
  1. The overhead view, the first view, show no water in the track ruts. The angle view, 2nd view, shows standing water in the ruts. Tank was already disabled right, so no Russians killed?

  2. I do not agree with Russia. However there were men in those tanks with wives and mothers. Stupid men, evil men, but ………………….

  3. A sad thing is the parents of those guys who were in the tank will not able to see bodies of their sons and bury them. It's not possible to realize how hard it is.

  4. They threw a track so had to keep driving in circles to try to stay out from under the drone? You'd think that would be the real story here.

    I have no idea why the Russian army is having these T62's operate as single units. Old Soviet era tech that can only be effective if it is supported and protected.

  5. I'm highly suspicious of all the videos The Sun shows from Ukraine. While I support Ukraine in their battle for freedom, the videos The Sun puts out all have strange editing and cuts that make it look like they've been manipulated for propaganda value. They're supposed to be a news outlet, (although a tabloid outlet owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp). Take a look at this video. From the beginning, we can see that the tank has already had its left track thrown off, and the little grenades these drones drop can't track a tank, even a cheap Russian one. Then we see a drone grenade drop and miss the tank entirely, hitting just in front. Then an incredibly harsh edit and we are shown the tank from a very different angle, fully involved in flames. That grenade drop they showed did not blow up that tank. Something did, but they did not show us what it was. Almost all the "tank blowing up" videos The Sun shows are similar in that they are rudely edited and appear to be hiding some information. Why do they do this? I don't know, but it makes me wonder about their motives. Just show us what is happening and stop with all the ridiculous edits to these videos.

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