• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Putin's men enter Ukraine Army trench; Unsuspecting soldier shot dead, dugout blown up | 2 killed


Apr 4, 2023

Russian soldiers & Ukrainian soldiers came face-to-face in a trench. One of the unsuspecting Ukraine soldiers was shot dead, …


26 thoughts on “Putin's men enter Ukraine Army trench; Unsuspecting soldier shot dead, dugout blown up | 2 killed”
  1. as a random Pole I read comment section. I wish All of You russian retards in Your homes. Russian bandits and rapers on sofa in Your living rooms.

  2. Dear Russians,
    Please stop fighting for the mad man Putin.
    You will only sacrifice your precious life for nothing and nobody will remember you when the war ends.
    Don't die for nothing.
    Leave Ukraine. Leave Russia.
    You are fighting to rob their land and the Ukrainians are fighting to protect their country. The intention and morale is very different.
    Don't die for nothing.
    Think of your poor family.

  3. What makes it more sad is Ukraine is using people who never shot a gun and little to no training am hearing report that they are using teenagers in this battle

  4. I never thought in my entire life i seeing real footage of these kind of thing…make me shudder when i think about it..i mean in that battle you are shot multiple time and dead just like that ….

  5. Putin is wrong to sent in Spartarkiads special forces . These s/forces are unbreakable and very experienced . I doubt if Ukrainians can take them
    Down . 5 Spartakiads special forces can take down a whole battalion , that's what they say .
    OMG , what will Ukraine and their backers do .? They should dig a hole and hide in it . A rat hole will help . Just for safety,
    A rat hole is good

  6. Am in furtun prin care bag apă foarte rece noaptea în tranșeele rușilor-șobolani … !
    I have a hose through which I put very cold water at night in the trenches of the Russian-rats…!
    J'ai un tuyau par lequel je mets de l'eau très froide la nuit dans les tranchées des rats russes…!


  7. Russia will go to the underworld and drag ukraine out of there, if needed. Ukraine can't hide from russia, total destruction is what ukraine will suffer..

  8. WTF, IS UP WITH THE UNFIT PUPPET WITH NO BACKBONE Zelensky DOING.?! UKRAINE, UKRAINIANS,, IT'S OBVIOUS HE DOESN'T CARE.!! & HIS SELFISH & GREED FOR THE USA, TO DO FOR THEM ° TO BE WITH THEM ° TO LIVE WITH THEM = THE USA.! IT IS ALL HE CARES FOR.! * BECAUSE, TO MANY UKRAINIANS ARE DYING.! TO MUCH OF UKRAINE IS ALREADY LOST.! TO MUCH OF UKRAINE IS STILL GETTING DESTROYED.! (•ONLY 1 EXCEPTION, THE NAZIS & ALL THEIR NAZISM.! IS OKAY.! DESTROY & ABOLISH ALL THAT.!) & EVERYBODY & THEIR GRANDMA KNOWS RUSSIA WILL WIN.! & RUSSIA CAN (SHOULD DO) CONQUER ALL OF UKRAINE.! UKRAINE IS NOT A PROBLEM RUSSIA CAN'T HANDLE.! LIKE I SAID, GRANDMA, GRAMPA & GREAT×? GRANDSON CAN SEE, RECOGNIZE & GUARANTEED,, RUSSIA WILL PREVAIL, RUSSIA IS WAY TO MUCH, WAY TO POWERFUL & WAY EVERYTHING.! * THERE'S NO WAY UKRAINE CAN WIN NO WAY DOES UKRAINE STAND A CHANCE~ AGAINST RUSSIA.!!!* But The Unfit Puppet With No Backbone keeps asking, demanding, begging & bitching for more Military Arm's, for More Money, More & More Weapons, & for what.?!? Should I say for whom.?!? For the better of whom & to better who what where when & why.? The USA right.!? "*Zelensky, is NOT, does NOT,, Care for UKRAINE & UKRAINIANS.!?! EVERYTHING he's doing is for the USA for his bed buddy Biden.!?!*" If he cared Anything for his People his Country,, he would work with RUSSIA, Give RUSSIA what they Already Conquered.!! Before RUSSIA takes More or All of UKRAINE.!! RUSSIA CAN TAKE ALL OF UKRAINE, RUSSIA CAN CONQUER ALL OF UKRAINE,, & NOBODY CAN STOP THEM.!! "*" HANG OR THE FIRING SQUAD FOR Zelensky ASAP.!! Then PLEASE STOP ALL THE SENSELESS HOMEMADE UP WARS.!! PLEASE STOP THIS SENSELESS WAR.!! Zelensky,, NEEDS TO GO,, THROW HIM OUT.! EJECT HIM.!! GET RID OF Zelensky ASAP.!! Send Zelensky to Destroy & Sacrifice the Country He Cares for,, the Country he Really wants to be from, to be a part of,, let him Destroy & Sacrifice where he will live, where he's headed ASAP he can, let him, better yet force him to go to where his Heart is At.!! Wants to be from,, wants to retire to,, = the USA.!!

  9. Putrid's political opponent Nemstov said 'I have no idea why Putin is attacking Ukraine, why make enemies of our brothers and sisters! Whey do we need more land we cannot manage what we have, we need roads, plumbing, the infrastructure here, in Russia for Russian people' Nemstov was murdered hours later!

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