• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

UKRAINIAN howitzer weapons, supplied by the U.S. military, have been destroyed by Russian airstrikes, Russia says. In footage …


21 thoughts on “Russian forces destroy howitzers supplied by U.S in Eastern Ukraine”
  1. "Russian forces destroy howitzers"….we didn't see a single artillery being destroyed in the video. What we see is Russian military technology being destroyed by the weapon called Propaganda.

  2. Do you really believe that Russia and China (2 billion people) will disappear from the planet after the war in Ukraine and tomorrow in Taiwan? He won't. Put the ball down a little, you are very boring and aggressive. I know that someone must be "guilty" of your inflation and losses. The sooner you realize that the world is multipolar, the better for all of us … Hot heads, who never listen and who always think they are right. That's not good. Every good.

  3. Close but no cigar….video has already been proven to be faked. A classic cut and shut job in the propaganda war…The footage where artillery shells are landing in the forested area is blurry and not the same footage as where the Howitzers are seen entering a forested area. shells land in the ploughed field and those that seem to land in the forest….there is no signs of secondary explosions or munitions going off / fuel tanks on the trucks exploding etc….oh and odd how this piece of so called good news for Russia pops up after just been slaughtered in 3 suicidal river crossing attempts….oh and if there was footage of the howitzers actually destroyed…they would have been in the video…..There is no way Russia is not going to miss out on good PR for Russians back home…especially as they are not wining as they expected to do and the slaughter at the river crossing is getting out in Russia…amazing how the drone camera cuts of before any so called strikes can be confirmed as hits……

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