• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian forces ‘pick-off Russian artillery’ in open field warfare. This aerial footage appears to show blast after blast …


32 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces 'pick-off Russian artillery' in open field”
  1. To all Russian tank drivers: Brave Ukrainian soldiers will destroy you no matter where you are, open field, forest, road or city. You are doomed.

  2. Слава Украинской Федеративной Демократической Республике! Смерть НАТО,смерть наци, смерть фашистам!

  3. Keep the hardware going to Ukraine….I'm happy to pay higher taxes to support those Ukrainian troops, both guys and gals, who are fighting with such heart to rid their country of the filthy Orcs. Love and respect to Ukraine from the UK.

  4. This reminds me of the border clash between Thailand and Cambodia
    Cambodia just kept throwing the BM-21 rockets randomly, hoping to hit some Thai forces, not some random farmer's rice field
    Meanwhile Thailand, they just wait patiently for coordinates of the BM-21s and boom. One shot, one kill.

  5. I’m not sure what kind of war is actually going on in Ukraine but it’s kind of strange to me top officials movie stars etc. keep showing up in Kyiv if only America was the safest Kyiv where everybody wants to go visit the president of Ukraine

  6. Вы что серьезно думаете, что войска будут просто стоять в поле и ждать, когда им прилетит?!?!?! Ребенку же понятно, что это постанова:)

  7. Putin is contaminating the soil of the fields that are meant for growing food, not for stationing artillery! All kinds of oil, coolants, heavy metals, etc are now in the ground. These places must be thoroughly investigated, sampled and the contaminated soil replaced before using the fields for food production.

  8. Scary AF!! You don't have to be knocked on the head with this kind of stuff to be severely affected. There's this thing called the "kill zone" in which everything above ground dies immediately – either from shrapnel, or the effects of the "blast" on the human body. That tends to "jellify" your internal organs, therefore making them pretty much ineffective and useless. Not a nice way to go – better to be "dis-integrated" in a split second, imho. Anyway – war SUCKS!

    But, it's a big part of the story of humankind – and, unfortunately, will forever be. It's just part of "us" being "humans"… 🙁

  9. UK needs a war in Europe to survive. They are doing what they can without US approval (finland and sweden military pact) in desperate move. UK will face an enormous political, economical and societal crisis. UK can fall down in 6 month to come if the Queen dies.

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