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War in Ukraine: Putin lashes out against West | DW News


Apr 4, 2023

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking to the Valdai Discussion Club, said the West was playing a “dangerous, bloody and …


29 thoughts on “War in Ukraine: Putin lashes out against West | DW News”
  1. Putin believe NOBODY will help ukraine and he is finding out NOBODY his going to help russia.
    The 50 countries pro russia can not save him…not his country….only misery on the russian horizont.

  2. he can blame anyone unless we inflict endless pain to Russia at all levels we achieve nothing.
    Putin lost ukraine on the 24th feb.2022 and this fact is not going to be reverse not with missiles and not even with nukes.He does not know how to tell the russians this fact.
    And this is his problem without solution

  3. He is about to kill more and destroy more than all dictators in ww2 just to be right about why he invaded Ukraine . He is a madman that threatens the world's stability . He is a madman with nukes at his hands threatening the planet not just Ukraine or the west . The world leaders have to put him and russia under great pressure that the time of ever using nukes anywhere is forbidden since the ww2 . We know that the next of nuclear weapons use is Armageddon. Saddam maybe didn't have but we are sure Russia has " a few " .

  4. They say in most controversies, the truth is somewhere in the middle, or both sides, somewhat at fault? And historically, and continuing, dictators do not give up power, as it is much easier to govern citizens at their indiv expense, and force them into uncomplicated, ruthless solutions, than cope w their personal problems, or political opposing freedom?

  5. Putin is nothing more than a criminal, liar , murderer, deluded, best thing that good Russians can do is gather infront of the Kremlin and chant out and hope what's left of his military kick him out. His downfall is coming and it will be monumental.

  6. The elites of the western world brought this misery on the Ukrainian people in league with an unstable, extremist and irresponsibly nationalist political elite threatened by an ultra-violent ultra-nationalist minority. As usual the U.S. saw an opportunity to use a situation to its own benefit to shore up a decreasing level of power due to the transference of that power from their domination of a unipolar world to one of a multipolar nature. Ukraine was to be a tool to weaken one of the two powers most prominent in divesting the western elites of their long held dominance. Putin and Russia never wanted this outcome. Everything possible was done to avoid it. Putin refused the request of the eastern Ukraine republics to join the Russian federation, he strove for seven years to see Germany, France and the Ukrainian authorities take the Minsk path to peace and reconciliation of the problem of the Donbass region, retaining it within the boundaries of the Ukrainian state. These seven years however were not used for this purpose but instead to build the Ukrainian army to NATO levels and create a potent defence line on the border with the Donbass awaiting the taking back of the new republics by force. Ultimately Russia was left with no good options left, quite possibly the plan of U.S. elites all along. To them Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are irrelevant. The U.S. elites never truly cared about their well being. The Ukrainian nation and its people were simply a tool to be used by U.S. elites, a tool with which to weaken Russia and potentially break it up into discrete pieces and end the economic and geopolitical threat it posed to their dominance.

  7. Advice to Russia that all super power weapon must focus on kyiv, ukraine destruction for destroying the government of thier command and control must need to destroy first for winning the russia..

  8. We want a referendum to cut trade with with Russia both ways to nothing, We don't want to sell Russia anything and we don't ant to buy anything from Russia . Ever again, Russia is a terrorist state

  9. Xi is no Friend of Anyone, other than the CCP which he has embraced….unlike Putin, Xi is honorable, treaty's are shredder materials for Putin….IMHO

  10. Even if he conquered in the Ukraine (which won't happen) he couldn't hold it. It would be an endless insurgency that would make Russia's adventure in Afghanistan look like a tea party. Putin's goal is unrealistic and unattainable. He wants the Baltics, Poland and the other Eastern European NATO countries booted out of NATO (won't happen) so he can intimidate them again.

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