• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Scripps News speaks again with a young American fighter who has now spent months in combat in Ukraine.


31 thoughts on “Young American Fighting in Ukraine GoPros War From Trenches”
  1. Any American fighting in Ukraine is a brainwashed fool. Ukraine is not and has never been a democracy. There was a CIA overthrow in 2014, Zelenski has banned any media not controlled by him. He FORCED old men into the military, he arrested Christian and Catholic priests. He is a war criminal, just like Putin. Te only reason we are giving UKRAINE money is because we have 3 to 5 biolabs and a bunch of corruption going on there that we don't want the world to find out about

  2. Takes a special kind of naivety to volunteer to fight in a proxy war for a country that doesn't give hardly half of scht about yours not offers it anything in return. Naivety or plain insanity. These guys aren't heroes they're fools.

  3. And he could be dead as well war it never changes the weapons and motive the people it the concept and blood shead hatred loss of life love and happiness will remain stagnant

  4. Imagine being stuck with non English speaking though I’m sure he’s probably picked up on a decent bit of the language as best he can tbh outside of the “ bf commands” which also make sense, especially that throw and go explanation the one was giving or throw and get down same thing.

  5. I salute all foreign fighters in Ukraine for keeping the democratic and sovereign state for all Europe Countries one European falls to Russia then others will follow. Vladimir Putin wanted to take back all former USSR allied countries. Take note first Russian invaded Georgia by making such a fabricated stories of racial discrimination then they invaded Ukraine sames storytelling of special military operation with de-nazification it means Russian living in Ukraine was bullied by Ukraine now in Moldova they created another same scenario. If the war ended then push back those who Moldovan separatist. I believe and suggest don't let Russian people live in European union countries because now and then they will create a rally, demonstration or possible trouble near future.

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