• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The war in Eastern Ukraine has been going for seven years – and is unlikely to end anytime soon. VICE News goes into the …


19 thoughts on “Inside the Trenches of the War in Eastern Ukraine”
  1. Vice just covered a story in 2014 from the Russian side of things in the same area…. Donbas people want to be Russian,. Let them. Let Russia have Ukraine. The American people are saying No More……

  2. united states spending trillions on a war we aren’t involved in. bombing others into freedom while our banking system and economy collapses again. only wish we cared about domestic policy as much as we care about foreign policy we have no business in funding.

  3. VICE is a sell out media company , and I am ashamed that they are Canadian…. how about reporting on the truth… where is the chemical bombs dropped on Russia Soldiers by Ukranians, what about the scandals Zalinsky is involved in with stealing international aid, VICE you will be held accountable for your lack of truth coverage and coverage of both sides… What about the bombing of the Dunbass for the past 8 years…. what about the website which has a hitlist created by Ukranians and further more the pro nazi supporting the Ukranian Army …. its crazy how far from the truth these VICE is even calling it the forgotten war hahahah what about Syria, what about Canada setting up for conflict with Haiti what about western escalations with China over Tawain and with Iran … I bet when these conflicts start VICE will; be at the for front of lies right behind NBC, FOX, BBC, and all the likes of the main stream media

  4. nato can support them for a little more but if they do not show the world a real victory it's all over for them. they had better get off their ass and get something done.

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