• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia rains fire on Ukraine Army with new MSTA Howitzer as deadly fighting rages on | Watch


Apr 5, 2023

Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of its artillery ‘MSTA-SM2’ in action in battlefield Ukraine. The footage showed …


25 thoughts on “Russia rains fire on Ukraine Army with new MSTA Howitzer as deadly fighting rages on | Watch”
  1. What this poor clown Zelensky is doing to the minorities in Ukraine is unbelievable. Notice that no reporter from the "west" has brought to the public's attention the horrors to which ethnic people in Ukraine are subjected and the way in which ethnic cleansing is carried out by these primitive Ukrainians with a medieval mentality, who arrived in the current European space 500 years ago ; mixture of Slavs, Kazakhs and Khazars (false Jews) from the former Khazar empire.

    First of all, it forces and brings the ethnic Romanians, Poles, Hungarians and Slovaks to the front line, and in the areas where they live, women and children are driven across the borders by the Ukrainian secret police to the countries where their brothers live. These territories were snatched from Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania by the USSR and must be immediately returned to their owners, and Ukraine could only exist around the city of Kyiv.

  2. Russia is winning its war with Ukraine. Biden and the Europeans failed to adequately support Ukraine when the war started. The EU is totally incompetent. The participation of Hungry in NATO is a joke. Hungry just wants a handout from the EU, but is not willing to contribute to NATO.

  3. Ich glaube es ist nicht so leicht die Gräben zu treffen wie wäre es wenn man mit Intelligenter Munition schießt . Die Munition muss in zwei Teil aufgeteilt werden . Erstmal wird das Geschoss in die richtige Richtung geschossen und bevor sie einschlägt teilt sie sich und die Munition scannt den Boden und zündet dann eine zweite Treibladung die Sie genau in den Graben lenkt.

  4. Orban is right. Time to end the sanctions against Russia. They are backfiring on the West at the pump, in the grocery stores, lack of farming and high energy costs to heat homes. Nuclear energy and coal are not the path to green energy Europe and Ursula Vonder liar. Think if Orban were the EU President how different this fiasco for NATO would be.

  5. Ukraine have to attack Russian City's like Russian attack Ukraine City's. Ukraine have to fight like Vietnamese to win the war against Russian.

  6. yeap the fight continues…Here and there a solitary cockroach comes from under the ground. Where all his dead friends will become fertilizer so soon. THE GREAT SHOW goes on. As long there are Ukrainian fools and soon Europeans to been sacrificed. WAR REMAINS STUPID anyway.

  7. Zelensky aide explains how missile fell on apartment block in Dnepr

    Published: 15 Jan 2023 | 07:51 GMT
    The Russian projectile crashed into the building after being intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses, Aleksey Arestovich has said

    A destroyed apartment building in Dnepr, Ukraine, January 14, 2023. ©  Vitalii Matokha / AFP

    A Russian missile that fell on an apartment block in the eastern Ukrainian city of Dnepr on Saturday was shot down mid-air by Kiev’s forces, Aleksey Arestovich, a senior adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky, has said.
    Zelensky and Ukrainian officials initially reported that the nine-story building was hit by a Russian missile. According to regional Governor Valentin Reznichenko, the death toll had grown to 18 dead and 73 wounded on Sunday morning.
    Arestovich, however, said in a YouTube interview with Russian activist Mark Feygin that the missile was brought down by Ukrainian troops.
    Asked if the air defense forces in Dnepr had the opportunity to intercept the incoming missile, Arestovich stated: “It was shot down. It apparently fell on the [apartment] block. But it exploded when falling.”

    The truth comes out .
    The UKIS did it again.
    Have a great one .
    Facts always come out.

  8. roomies ssi need to destroy satellite of world to help ukraine. 2. Destroy ammunitions and all hethe ground.4. avy weapons. 3. Destroy all satellites from he heaven to ground.

  9. Russians continue to murder people who don't want to be Russian. Indians (and anyone else in the world) who don't want to be Russian, please take note.

  10. Russia plastic army 115.000 dead Russia boys with old military equipment from the 1980
    Putin have wake-up the gigant Europe union money machine 1 year and Putin can’t take the Donbas

  11. U keep showing more win towards russia but thats not reality .. either the comedian has to give up by not taking us enticement to his head nor russia to let go things not originally belong… its globally impacting common ppl

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