• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

A soldier from Ukraine’s 93th Brigade said his country’s forces are still standing in the eastern city of Bakhmut, with no plans for a …


22 thoughts on “Russia- Ukraine war: Ukrainian soldiers say 'situation calmer' | Latest English News | WION”
  1. Ukraine's resilience and strength in defending themselves from Russian aggression is a testament to their spirit and determination. If Russia gains anything from their aggression, it will only lead to more conflict and instability in the region.

  2. But isn't it better for everybody of Zelenskj surrender. He is like a mule not understanding ha Will not win anyway!!! Wasn't it better of He stopped war in Donbas and not joined NATO. These things were not impossibile to do!!! How He gas no Donbas no ukraine and ha Will not with NATO. He was not at all intelligent!

  3. Hi Tuan Putin dan Tuan Zelenski berdamailah kalian berdua hentikan perang yang hampir 1 tahun, dampaknya sangat luar biasa karena menyengsarakan rakyat kedua belah pihak, terutama warga Ukraina banyak yang mati termasuk Wanita dan Anak anak, coba di fikir dalam dalam Apa keuntunganya Dan hasil apa yang di peroleh selama kalian berperang yang pasti hanya kerugian yang sempurna, dan hanya menghabiskan uang yang tidak sedikit mungkin jutaan dollar, kalian berdua harus segera menghentikan perang tersebut lebih baik berperang melawan Nafsu Amarah, Nafsu jahat yang ada di dalam Hati kita, berdamailah yang terhormat Bapak Putin dan Bapak Zelensky, saya tunggu kabarnya, okay ??????? trimakasih dari warga INDONESIA.

  4. Russia is now trying to throw everything it can at taking something. Ukraine is holding on very bravely. But they need to go on a counteroffensive and liberate their cities. We need to support them even more, they definitely need more weapons

  5. Ask these soldiers if they believe that peace is possible with russians. I bet they will say no. And still there are people who are advocating for some kind of negotiations with russian terrorists. Look at the East of Ukraine, what putin's army did to these villages and towns. These people don't want peace, they want to destroy and loot whatever they can. We need to aid Ukraine more by sending modern weaponry. The faster we do that – the sooner this war will be ended.

  6. I hope that our politicians will finally finish their debates and we will start fully helping Ukraine.
    Putin must be defeated this year. It will also be good for Russia, which is already falling into an economic crisis, the sooner Putin is destroyed, the more everyone will benefit

  7. I really want to believe that situation goes better but it is not actually true. We do everything possible but not in the best way. I think that our governments could provide Ukraine with more weapons that we give them now.

  8. With the commencement of the new year of war, Putin has taken further action. As anticipated, the conflict has intensified on all fronts. Additionally, Russia is systematically destroying cities. The southeastern region of Ukraine has been reduced to a barren, scorched landscape, and millions of its citizens live in a constant state of fear. Soledar, Bakhmut, Vugledar, and other cities in the vicinity are gripped by anxiety.

  9. Is it calmer than a life expectancy of 4 hours that ukraine's troops were facing on the front lines in Bakhmut – as reluctantly admitted by an ex us marine on corporate news?

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