• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The head of Ukraine’s Blue Wings defence unit has told Sky News that Russia will “lose tanks on every street, every block, every …


28 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Kyiv residents dig trenches to fight Russians”
  1. A city of 2.2 million people full of determined defenders? With two weeks to prepare and not even encircled yet? Compared to what these russians boys are walking into, Stalingrad was a family holiday. And they are not even half as competent as the wehrmacht were.

  2. Russia will just starve them, why? Because they have 3 options:
    1. Urban combat – massive losses
    2. Razing Kiev to the ground – Russia just won't do that
    3. Starve Kiev into submission – correct choice.

  3. Whoever edited this needs to look at what they're throwing in far as clips go. Most noticeably the civilian vehicles at the bridge clip while talking about the Russian convoy…

  4. The Russian forces have no idea why they are fighting. They are boys 16 and over, blissfully unaware of the warfare we live in, nor why they fight, nor understand whom they are fighting. Ukraine has been fighting for 100's of years. The Ukraine was the source of Russian troops. Hardline, loyal and die hard people. Long that they remain so. But Russia felt it's loss. They are strong? Right? Well 90 percent of Russia is nothing and produces nothing. Except Gas. It hopes to get China. But China gets Gas and can sit on the fence comfortably.
    There is a new source of Energy proposed for 2020, but covid.. The supposed Zero point.

  5. Ukraine mobilized, but could not recruit an additional hundred thousand fighters. And this is in a country of 40 million! And now 600 thousand Ukrainian soldiers (including the army, guards, police, volunteers and mobilization) are trying to stop the 200 thousandth Russian army. But the Russians are better armed and their troops are perfectly controlled from large headquarters. Therefore, the Russians continue to advance. The resistance of the Ukrainian army will only delay its defeat and increase the material losses of Ukraine. If Ukraine holds out for another month, then the country will cease to exist, since in this case the fields will not be sown and 40 million people will face an unprecedented famine. No one will be able to help feed such a population. Therefore, it is desirable that Ukraine lost the war within 2 weeks. Then the new administration of the country will begin sowing in the fields.

  6. They for sure get ready for a slaughter, and EU applauses and provided weapons long before. Who can tell the russians will involve the tanks in street fights. No doubt they will bomb first, then go to catch Zelenski if he doesn't fit Putins'requests first.

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