• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

MOMENT Ukrainian forces destroy Russian warehouse in Donetsk – moments after soldiers retreat inside. In this footage, a …


27 thoughts on “Ukrainian forces destroy Russian warehouse moments after soldiers retreat inside”
  1. looks like historical footage of previous events. c'mon if your going to con people into thinking Ukraine is winning the war against Russia show live footage.

  2. It's not their war, they're just kids who have been told that joining the army will get them money and respect, it'll make them tough and honourable…and we're watching them get ripped apart from the comfort of our warm homes.

    All because a crazy man said so. Think about that while you cheer, uneducated, brainwashed sons, daughters, mothers and fathers from both sides are losing their lives.

  3. I hate to see the Russian soldiers dying over this illegal war. They are all someone's sons. And right now the world is now sending out messaging about how Ukraine needs to work toward an agreement with Russia, which means Putin is basically winning. It makes me sick how the powerful and rich send the poor to die in wars, and then get even richer. To be clear to anyone confused, I don't believe Ukraine should cede ANYTHING and I think Putin should be called top answer for war crimes.

  4. Yeah it's nice to know that Biden's helping out the ukrainians if it's any consolation he helped out Afghanistan too remember I getting our troops killed leaving the infrastructure and giving it back to the rag heads it wouldn't surprise me one bit after pouring billions of dollars into Ukraine he gives it back to Russia

  5. I almost feel bad for the poor Goat running at the beginning of this clip(I think it was a goat or some kinda live stock) but then I realized if Orcs are occupying they’ve already eaten everything in sight….or stolen/raped it

  6. I we supposed to be happy that troops who retreated were killed in cold blood?
    Even if this footage is true (from previous footage I have my doubts), this is a terrible act, not to be applauded. If it is true.

  7. Lets try to imagine how many casualties woul'd be in US in this kind of war – where most of houses is made from cartoon and wood.. Piece of shell would penetrate cauple houses in row. Their houses lookin poor but they are much stronger and many of them have concrete underground structures…

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