• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

UKAINIAN soldiers destroy Russian armoured vehicle and pick off the troops in a brutal attack footage. In this graphic video, …


28 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers destroy Russian armoured vehicle and pick off troops”
  1. Seems to make people so happy to watch young men die violent deaths even if they are the invading side, its the tyrant that runs their country that put them on the front line.

  2. What a shame that a cowardly leader like Putin (who hides away in bunker ) would send his own countrymen to death because of his own personal greed and warped ideology
    Victorious Ukraine!!!

  3. 古寧頭戰役,解放軍之所以會大敗,是忘記帶毛語錄,當被國軍机槍掃射時,大声高吼:戰無不勝的毛澤東思想萬歲萬萬歲,便可改敗為勝。

  4. How do we know this isn't the other way round? So hard to make out who is who. Where is all the footage coming from? Russian pilot ejection video, Ukrainians killing Russians who is supplying the footage to The Sun.

  5. this is so stupid i really wish this would end and the soldiers can go home on both sides. There is now generational hatred being born, not good.

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