• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

The war in Ukraine is not going as planned for Russia, and Ukraine currently has the upper hand on the ground. Under these …


32 thoughts on “A view from Moscow: Ukraine war will get worse | The Bottom Line”
  1. Russia doctrine states that if the state is in danger of losing it's way of life nuclear weapons can and will be used and I don't now who you are trying to convince but Ukraine is not winning this war and if the united states is so strong why not go head to head with Russia we have 58 nations helping Ukraine and Russia is still fighting almost one year later why those words it's because the united states used nuclear weapons on japanese citizens in WW2 so why not Putin he can't take them home

  2. The speaker is definitely choosing his words. In the final analysis it boils down to a pretty simple statement: "Russia has invaded a sovereign nation with the intentions of absorbing it back into the Russian federation" (recall the Sudetenland issue, circa 1938). Unless we wish to repeat the sequence of 1938 the other world sovereign nations will have to analyze the situation and see if they believe that all countries have the right to self determination. If so, they will have no other choice but to state quite clearly that this is an unacceptable action and that all invading forces be withdrawn from Ukraine. All other actions by the aggressor must then be rejected and all other available economic measures must be implemented until the current incursion is halted. Certainly any nuclear action will escalate, and any nuclear use will result in the devastation of all parties and reversion of the world's population to an iron-age level of existence at best.

  3. Putin lacks intelligence and has lived far too long in his tiny tsarist bubble, surrounded by frightened staff. Putin is like a ruler in the Middle Ages, obey or die! Any person with a sensible mind could have built Russia into a fabulous country in peace and happiness with its neighboring countries. With his limited KGB mind, the reality is crystal clear. Power and money, it is a fact that Putin is one of the richest people in this world, but through greed and his primitive mind, he will end up dead or imprisoned for life and deserved!

  4. This Russian propaganda he writes papers and doesn't know what he is talking about. I started with an open mind until he started with with his propaganda. How much weaponry has Russian have given in our conflicts . Russia is being put in it's place where they needed that.

  5. Trump was & is a strong presents, even though he has a big mouth.
    Biden on the other hand, is weak shows to be weak and sounds like a mealymouth. All that does is encourage countries like Russia and China

  6. I just agree that the US had anything to do with Russia invading Ukraine. Whether Ukraine tried to join NATO or not, I believe Russia still would’ve invaded Ukraine because they wanted them back Putin ! I mean they had designs on other countries to other than Ukraine once they took Ukraine, that was their plan. They had no idea Russia had no idea that it would backfire on them, that Ukraine would fight them hard and that It Would Dr., Finland and Sweden Into NATO !!

  7. We US under the Clinton administration and Great Britain at that time should’ve never. Never talked Ukraine into giving their nukes back to Russia. It was the only protection Ukraine had to make sure that Russia never tried to do what they’re doing right now. And if that did happen great Britain and us the US promised Ukraine we would back them up !!!
    If we didn’t interfere back then and Ukraine still had those nukes, Russia wouldn’t dare be doing what they’re doing right now to Ukraine.

  8. There’s no reason for the west or the US to let Russia invade & take over Ukraine, nor does the Ukraine with to be taken over by Russia communist styled Government.

  9. This guy doing the interviews that left us I can tell already. He draws on individuals that worked for Obama administration, a Democrat. Yeah like we’re gonna get straight answers from someone like that. If anything will get a bunch of leftist bullshit and lies. I have no interest in what this guy has to say or his experts so-called experts.

  10. The shoe is on the other foot now Sir.
    Remember Syria, more than likely be a Democracy right now but Russia stepped in and backed Assad Regime self appointed president of Syria.

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