• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said late Monday that a strike destroyed Russian “Kalibr” cruise missiles that were being transported …


21 thoughts on “Crimea Explosion | Ukraine Claims Kalibrs Destroyed, Russia Alleges Drones Targeted Civil Facilities”
  1. Ukraine want all that land in the Crimea to launch his assaults in the world from a base for he can launch to the world quicker Putin is aimed at World War 3 and Total Domination if he gets Ukraine you won't be able to stop him because then China joining Russia will know that they can go against the rest of the world and dominate every Free People in the Free World

  2. Make no mistake if it Russia gets passed Ukraine they'll kill every human being in there and claimed they were Nazis make no mistake they will kill you if they get past Ukraine

  3. Isn't it amazing Russia doesn't mind killing women and children old people slaughtering people doing destruction that boy when they get hit with something that there's they don't like that oh poor little picked on us and it's all everybody else's fault

  4. It's time to take the cuffs off the Ukrainian military and give them the tools that they desperately need to hit each and every single target in and around the country that Russia has taken unlawfully and also allow Ukraine to stop the onslaught of the Ukrainian people by allowing them access to longer range missiles that can hit the Russian fleet and military bases in Russia and Crimea. Every person who has died because of the Russian attack on the Ukrainian infastucter is on the hands of NATO and The United States because we won't give them what they need to stop the Russian military. Glory to Ukraine

  5. Given that until now Russia won’t acknowledge any human or material loses until confronted with irrefutable evidence, I’d say chances are good something valuable was damaged.

  6. Russia alleges drones targeted civilians, um what the hell does he have to say, the jerk has been hitting nothing but civilian targets in Ukraine, tough turkey, maybe a little of your own medicine will go a long way?

  7. okay, the opening statement alone disturbs me. Putin has been tossing missiles at civilians left and right for a year, nonstop, killing countless and has the audacity to even say anything remotely about Ukraine targeting civilian facilities???

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