• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

INSANE SOLO TRENCH ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage Reviews

All footage unconfirmed – POV denoted by flag. INSANE SOLO TRENCH ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage Reviews …


28 thoughts on “INSANE SOLO TRENCH ASSAULT | Ukraine War | Combat Footage Reviews”
  1. Because Ukrainian soldiers can fight bravely only against the civilian population of Donbass! And the real hero is only a Russian soldier!

  2. Not a fan of Russia but you've gotta give some serious props to the guy who went lone wolf into the trench and completed his mission. Very impressive! Balls of steel! Great video and commentary as always Sean!

  3. As a fellow combat vet, you have to recognize the different warfare happening here. We understand panic, but maybe not on the level we’ve been seeing from these events. These soldiers know they are marching to die. Please stop critiquing these fighters’ courage

  4. Hero of Russia Alexander Maltsev(47). Before this, he evacuated 2 wounded comrades and went on the attack himself. Killed 3 and captured 2 UKROPS. Unfortunately, just a few days later, he himself was mortally wounded, and posthumously awarded for "Hero of Russia"

  5. According to personal photographs of life until 2022, Alexander Maltsev gives the impression of a modest, not cocky person. But in the most difficult situation, the heart of a lion showed itself. I wondered what he was all the same in life. We need documentaries and books about him.

  6. As some Ukraine war channels have pointed out, that Ukraine draftees with minimal if any training are thrown into combat like good cannon fodder, or as we like to say in America: "thrown under the bus". Like good cowboys, they shoot wildly, waste ammo and have no tactics and more often than not, end up getting killed. kudos to the Brit's for giving some of these Ukrainian recruits, some life saving military training!

  7. That is insanely brave. A British or US soldier would have killed everyone. But he spared one. Jordan Peterson was right that a weak/coward person is more dangerous.

  8. The first dude got hit in the side of the neck or jaw you can tell by the little burst of blood the middle guy poor dude got hit in the head at least 4-5 times

  9. Well! That Russian had no choice. If he moved back, he will be in Ukrainian's view and will be killed. Since he was so close to them, the only way was to move forward to kill or get kill anyway, and he succeeded. It was bad for Ukrainians to be killed this way. Hope they learnt form this videos and do better to prevent this from happening again in future. It was sad!

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