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38 thoughts on “Largest Russian Arsenal Destroyed by Ukrainian Forces in Bakhmut, Proving a Huge Victory”
  1. Inggris Francis Amerika adalah negara penjajah sejak dulunya, termasuk Portugis.
    Masih ingat Amerika dan Australia pernah menginvasi Vietnam dan terkenal dengan sebutan "vietkong war"
    Serdadu dua negara pulang dengan tangan kosong dan banyak yang mati.
    Mereka di permalukan oleh tentara vietkong, Rusia harus menang

  2. Russia is wrong in stealing lands that belong to Ukraine! A democratically agricultural country that feed’s worldwide! Hunger is to come to all partas of the world if Ukraine isn’t able to produce food! Reason why everybody needs to help Ukraine win and finish this war as soon as possible! Russia only wants Ukraine’s land like thinking about the old Soviet Union in the past! Furthermore PUTIN knows about all the treasures that’s in Ukraine! All he want is money, power and land. Ukrainian people want democracy and their own country! They don’t have to sell or share their land or give free just because the neighbor Putin wants to! No way! Change democracy for communism? No way!!! Then Putin wants a fight because he’s not given his toy??? No way, José! Nobody gives away their land just because the neighbor wants it!!!! Then Putin sends the attacks destroying people( genocide like Hitler and infanticides at childrens hospitals,etc,etc,etc!). Who wants to make deals with a person out of his mind? Just because he has tantrums??? Putin hasn’t grown up even in the mist of his war crimes!! He is a dangerous KGB Bomb out of time!!!

  3. I think if every NATO Country Were to point all their missile arrays on military and political targets in Russia and all launched those missiles at once. We could simply wipe out most of the corruption and put the country back in the hands of the people.

  4. For my part, I think the thing that comes across so very clearly here is the reluctance (Refusal?) to open dialogue. War is devastating in all its aspects, but most assuredly is in its cost of life; Families hacked apart for the asperities of an ideal. Life is so very precious … were a long time dead.
    Russia initiated this war, through duplicity, and their refusal to accept the norms of social behaviour.
    This Video is disturbing, graphically demonstrating exactly this cost.
    Russia needs to loose this, but not the peoples of Russia. Putin must go, his shallow disregard of the value of life comes through eminently clearly here. Salute Ukraine!
    How on earth does Russia even still hold their permanent membership of the UN? This baffles me entirely given their indifference to those values they purport to uphold. Disgraceful

  5. This is a proxy war of the US (with the UN) versus Russia. The Ukrainian people are being sacrificed by the US Neocons who want war, and by Zelensky who is their paid puppet. The US and UK blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, which in itself was an act of war attacking Russia's main source of revenue. Why did Zelensky and the US refuse to negotiate a peace when offered by Putin? Peace is possible if Zelensky agrees with the Minsk Agreement (consider looking it up). EYL News is fake news – we will never be told the truth.

  6. Russia cannot won they do not know to fight a war. Do you know how to fight the war Ukrainian soldiers are smart you know how to fight text savvy.
    Russian don’t know how to do logistics we have no command sergeant your strictly old school bombing story everything Biederman submission that’s not what if I the war will lose cause you’re gonna not be able to modern war

  7. Notice the same A.I.female russian voice ( monotone ) narrator . The mix of disinformation with known truth is good propaganda . I've noticed the same on other Podcast , vidios taken from other podcast pasted in this podcast . This makes me wonder … not all of this news is Fake so what kind of propaganda do you call E Y L NEWS ? SLAVA UKRAINE !

  8. The Crimea is an integral historic part of Ukraine. Russia just wants it a a place for their Oligharks to get away from their horrible weather.

  9. I am not a communist! Even Russia is not a Communist Country!? But, I like Mr. Putin as he was graduated from Military academy and smart world leader! And Russia always help India to construct Atomic reactors and so and so! Russia as a leading nation upon the devastated Soviet Union, it has the whole strategic control on independent states! The basic reason for Russia-Ukraine conflict is Russian atomic carriers are in the Black Sea, Russia cannot avoid Ukraine ports! Ukraine’s wish to join with European Union cannot be accepted by Russia because EU wanted to control Russia by installing their Missile defense System like ‘Damocles Sword!’ This is the first reason, Russia occupied Crimea and made safe their carriers! Now I don’t think that Russia would like to capture all Ukraine but wanted to either stop or implement couple of demands to slowing the entry into EU!? But the development in the Russia-Ukraine war, just weapon sale by US, EU, China, Japan and so many small countries!? There is no mercy or no humanity! Only Money making, the way Mohammed Gazanavi attacked Indian temples 17 times, to just loot and money making!? (writer served 7 years in the NCC under Indian Army) Wars are the by product of overpopulation, unemployment and weapon sale!?

  10. No huge victory just mixed up clips of different militaries doing military things of past present and other scenarios.ive seen some of this clips before all of this well I remember seeing some of clips before the war in Ukraine.

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