• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Putin under Pressure: Is China the Winner in the Ukraine War? | To the Point

As Russian missiles and drones blasted civilian buildings in Ukraine, Chinese President Xi Jingping concluded what he called a …


31 thoughts on “Putin under Pressure: Is China the Winner in the Ukraine War? | To the Point”
  1. If you think the world was "exploited" by the British Empire, or by the Americans, you haven't seen anything yet. Just watch what the Chinese are doing around the world. And what they intend to do.

  2. Display of dictators using optics to have the world believe they are benevolent, is a facade. All either of them want is global domination.

  3. I know that both Russia andChina are winners with Saudi Arabia now joining SCO and the list of countries having dumped the mercan dollar getting huge. Now poor wittle germany – the worlds biggest losers as they – like the uk disappear up their own backsides as mercas little bee atches.

  4. The US is not everyone's problem it everyone has to have a boogie man to blame..I guess that's the role the US takes..they aren't without blood on their hands but every country has blood on their hands but alot has benefited from life as it is but imagine living under a dictator..Someone with absolute power to whatever they want,kill their citizens..that's not a world I want to see so I guess we're getting ready for a fight and may the best man win..but I doubt it'll go down like that..Humanity will lose..We all will suffer..the biggest mistake everyone made was being afraid cause Putin said something bout nuclear war..I would've tested that and remind him he would be a victim too and if not he'll rule over devastation with no population cause I be damn if I allow them to push me and they would also pay the price..Living scared is not living..

  5. American president's can do any thing they like and get away with it but others can't even defend there boarders
    I wish the American president's get life in prison for what they did

  6. I think the alliance between Russia and China will not last very long. Both countries are ruled by dictators and history has shown that an alliance must be supported by ‘soft power’ as well, which neither country has.

  7. War is deception. Imagine if Xi is acting as a mediator but what if China sees Russia as weak and taking advantage of the international warrant. Now picture China who is hungry for territory ends up betraying Russia like Italy betrayed Germany in WW2. Putin is cornered and is capable of anything just like a cornered animal that can react very aggressively. If Russia falls someone will fill that void and what big country can fill that void??? China

  8. What a Joke these kind of "experts" what they presumed to be!?? Haaaaaa!! 98% of the 3-days discussion were for cooperation in space, agriculture, gas pipeline, cultural exchanges, food exports and trading in merchandises!! Putin already said that He could use China's 12-point plan as a platform but he also said the West and Ukraine are not ready!! To make some tiny as the Key is more like twist argument for politics…and so as the talk about Who is junior partner" or "vassal state"!!
    Just a bunch of silly "experts"!! Haaa!!

  9. China does not support Russia , no pledge was made in the Xi Jinping visit unlike Zelenky when was visited or made visit, tons of pledges seen.Zelenky is not too shy in asking for help with weapons.

  10. That’s how BS conspiracy started, a bunch of pundits talk BS & pretending they know what is way above their pay grade

  11. "Vladimir Putin is badly in need of friends after the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest. He’s clearly hoping Xi’s grand display of solidarity…will translate into economic and military support to help Russia cope with sanctions-induced shortages." GOD you are so clueless and full of it!

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