• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Footage from a fierce ongoing battle around Vuhledar, southwest of Donetsk, shows Russian soldiers retreating after their five …


11 thoughts on “Russian tank convoy exploded after passing mines and Ukrainian artillery fire around Vuhledar”
  1. At this very moment, hypersonic missiles armed with conventional charges are aimed at four military bases in Germany, Poland, Great Britain and France, as well as at all vital centers of Ukraine. And since Joe Biden believes that Ukrainians can strike Crimea with impunity, I also decided to sink the aircraft carrier Gerald Ford, the flagship of the US Navy. In addition, all of our nuclear forces are on high alert, and warheads are aimed at planned targets in the United States and Europe. Let it be very clear to everyone :

    If within 48 hours from this moment NATO does not abandon its aggressive policy towards Russia, a salvo of hypersonic missiles will be launched. In the event of a NATO response, a nuclear strike will follow.

  2. Just shows how much the russian government is limiting their Internet. They have no clue what is happening in Ukraine to the russian troops and their country

  3. I never understand why they don't use 20 to 30 snipers going forward ? Instead of 1 or 2. Then when the tanks are left send in the drones or guided artillary ?

  4. At the beginning of the video, Russian artillery with symbols and red stripes, not Ukraine. Further in the video, the Ukrainian column is under fire, not the Russian one. Russia does not use pixel art coloring. Next in the video is green grass and HIMARS, which cannot be in January-February. Well, the "brave" guys from Ukraine stand to their full height and wage war in a forest with trees. It's none of your f*cking business USA. Your job is to kiss the black master's shoes and support left-wing idiots. Grandpa, don't forget to take your pills.

  5. PROPAGANDA.these are old pictures ukraine had 2596 tanks plus 300 polish ones. on friday 27.01 it had only 1462 tanks. russia had about 13000 tanks on friday 27.01 it had 12267 tanks. i can give links to these data

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