• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian drones have the potential to transform warfare in the same way that precise Western MLRS did for Ukrainian #forces …


29 thoughts on “Ukraine High Precision Weapon Destroyed Russian Frontline Trenches & Intelligent Radar System”
  1. Ukrainians back is against the wall and to defend their homeland is a must or it will be worse than Crimea in 2014 , Putin's aggressive takeover of Ukrainian territory has brought out the best counter offensive fight from Ukraine, most of the Russian soldiers did not know what the war on Ukraine was for, and should have caused Russia to give back territory to Japan and Finland, even China who has lost territory to Russia !

  2. Even if your in support of the Ukrainians. This is a computer generated voice to sound like an American speaking. This is Ukraine created content psychological operations to win hearts and minds. You’ll notice the narrator called it Bahmoot. Not a real person. If it’s talking about Ukraine on cutting edge of winning and it’s narrated by a robot voice. Know it’s propaganda from the Ukrainian military. Nothing wrong with releasing content or opinions. But this is extremely biased content. They are on an American YouTube channel representing some sort of authentic news content from within our country. This is not Americans this is Ukrainians. This is happening all, over YouTube.

  3. Thank you for sharing this incredible video. Ukrainian drone operators are improving with their accuracy…right inside the hatch and boom no more vehicle. Fantastic!

  4. Brilliant Progress and Strategy as always by the Ukrainian Soldiers and President Zelenski and long may it Continue….God Bless Ukraine and we support you forever from the UK..xx

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